Best Boxing Gloves Guide


Whether you are in the beginning stages of boxing, the more advanced

stages or at the professional level, you will definitely need a great pair of boxing gloves. Since 1995, Grant boxing gloves have been the leader in the fighting arena, for boxers on any level. Professional boxers, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Evander Holyfield, Bernard Hopkins and Gennady Golovkin all wear Grant boxing gloves, for one reason. They are simply the best gloves around that will help you protect your knuckles and fists, which prolong any boxing career.

The Grant boxing gloves have the best padding in the business allowing boxers to be confident that their fists and knuckles are always protected.

As a beginning boxer, protecting your fists is just as important as it is for the professional boxers, who know the importance of prolonging a career.

Unlike many well known brands, Grant boxing gloves place their padding at the front side of the fist and at the knuckles, because these are the two most important areas of protection for any boxer.

1) Sparring and Fighting Gloves

Grant manufactures both sparring boxing gloves and fighting boxing gloves. The sparring boxing gloves have Velcro at the strap for easy removal. The sparring gloves also offer heavy padding at the knuckles and fist areas. The padding will help you as you begin to train, which could last endless hours, for an important match. Make sure that when you purchase your Grant sparring gloves that you choose gloves that are made for your weight and not far from the weight of your Grant fighting boxing gloves.

Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves – Source:

The Grant leather boxing fighting gloves are made with lace straps and are also heavily padded around the front of the fist and at the knuckles area. With any boxing event, you should always have an assistance around, to help you lace up your Grant fighting boxing gloves before an important event. And just like wearing in leather shoes, make sure and put your leather Grant fighting boxing gloves on and test them before your fight. You will need to wear them in, so that they will be at their ultimate best for your event.

2) Sizes and Weights of the Grant Boxing Gloves

Remember that the Grant leather boxing gloves are made and should be worn according to the boxer’s weight, size and strength. It is important that boxers, particularly beginning boxers not wear gloves that are too heavy for their hands. On the average, boxers that are 120 pounds or lower should wear Grant boxing gloves that are between 12 ounces to 14 ounces. Those boxers who are 120 pounds to 150 pounds should wear Grant boxing gloves that are between 14 ounces to 16 ounces. Boxers that are 150 pounds to 180 pounds should wear Grant boxing gloves that are between 16 ounces to 20 ounces. And boxers that are over 180 pounds should wear Grant boxing gloves that are 18 ounces and above.

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