Best Boxing Gear Buying Guide


When people think about boxing gear, they immediately think about the boxing gloves and the shiny, baggy robes that boxers sometimes wear before they get involved in a fight.

Whether a young person looking to become a boxer or anyone who wants to get involved with recreational boxing, looking for good boxing gloves is an important thing to do. After all, you can’t learn how to box without wearing the right equipment.

There are many types of boxing gloves on the market today. Check out your local boxing shop or in an online shop where you can find a massive assortment. You might recognize some from the sport itself, and others on the hands of recreational boxers. In this brief guide, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the types of recreational boxing gloves out there.

Boxing Gear Buying Guide ~ Types of Boxing Gloves

Fast Facts ~ The Boxing Glove

  • The boxing glove is a type of cushioned glove worn by fighters in boxing matches.
  • Boxing gloves are used in other types of training, and are not necessarily exclusive to the sport of boxing itself.
  • Modern boxing gloves were curated to protect the hands of strikers during a fight, preventing the risk of superficial injuries to the face.
  • Different types of boxing gloves exist for fighting-related competitions, sparring and other types of training related to fight-related sports.
  • Boxing gloves are said to not reduce the risk of brain damage (from impact) and has been said to ‘increase the risk of brain damage’ from the protection of the hands when used to punch the head.

Size and Materials


The size of boxing gloves depends on several factors: fighter size, glove type, type of competition and, in professional instances, the type of fighting organization.

People who weight more will need a heavier glove, while those who weight less will need a lighter one. Different types of gloves also weight less; for example, competition-ready boxing gloves tend to weight less than sparring gloves, which tend to have a heavier weight from extra padding.

Boxing gloves were originally made from leather, however today’s boxing gloves are now made from a variety of synthetic materials.

Classic-style boxing gloves tend to have leather exteriors. The grain of the leather is also known to affect boxing performance; the ‘right grain’ on a leather glove is known to help a fighter produce smoother strikes and lessen the risk of causing abrasion to a partner.

Synthetic exteriors, however, are designed to absorb more impact. They also prevent the fighter from slipping against its target, having them catch against their target instead.

Boxing Gloves: Fitness Style

Fitness boxing gloves are the most common that are found among boxing clothes in a sporting goods store. They’re also relatively expensive and provide a good starting point for beginners looking for gloves.

These gloves are often available in small, medium and large sizes. They generally weight anywhere from 12 to 16 ounces, however as long as the glove fits, people are free to select the weight that feels better to them.

These gloves are not designed for serious boxing training, as they aren’t durable enough to withstand the workout. People who need a better boxing glove are advised to get something more durable and, subsequently, more expensive.

Youtube Fitness Cardio Kickboxing Workout:

Boxing Gloves: Training/Sparring Style

People who are training to become boxers will need a pair of training or sparring gloves. These gloves are naturally more durable than standard fitness gloves. They’re sturdy enough to withstand strikes against heavy bags and are protective enough to avoid injuring partners in sparring sessions.

Training gloves often come with a Velcro strap, which secures the glove to the hands by wrapping around the wrist. However, many higher end brands have the characteristic lace that so often secures boxing gloves to a boxer’s hands. Those planning on training or sparring will fare better with a Velcro strap, though.

Training gloves generally weight 14 to 20 ounces in weight, so it’s important to select a weight that feels comfortable. Beginners should start with a lighter glove, while experienced fighters are free to select the weight they like the best.

Several boxing brands have training gloves in their assortment: Cleto ReyesEverlastRingside and of course Grant.

Boxing Gloves: Bag Style

Those who train heavy on the bag will need a pair of bag gloves to go with their training or sparring gloves. These gloves are much more smaller and compact than a standard pair of sparring gloves. They also have much less padding and may leave the fingers uncovered and the wrist with little support.

Although these gloves are less safe than the aforementioned, they’re the best type of glove to use if practicing quick and powerful punches on the heavy bag.

Most bag gloves range from 6 to 16 ounces in weight. They’re also relatively cheaper than other types of boxing gloves, too.

Closing Words

While we didn’t cover professional fighting (see all information here) or amateur boxing gloves, the gloves we did cover are a great selection of boxing gloves that people should consider if they’re planning to take up boxing as a hobby. All of these gloves can be found on the current market from various brands that are known for producing boxing gear.


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