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Bottled Water Dispensers are by far the most popular water cooler on the market. This is undoubtedly due to the flexibility that they provide and the refreshment that people enjoy. There are several major benefits that a bottled water dispenser offers over other types of water cooler dispensers as well as some requirements that you’ll need to fulfill before you purchase a bottled water dispenser. Once you’ve decided on buying a bottled water dispenser, you’ll want to make sure to get the features you need to get the most out of your water dispenser without paying too much. Finally, at the end of the article I’ll provide some tips on how to save money buying a water cooler online.

Benefits of Bottled Water Dispenser

There are many benefits to using a bottled water dispenser. First and foremost is your health. Most people know that it’s recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day yet hardly anybody does it. If you’re part of that crowd who doesn’t drink enough water and you’re willing to change, then getting a bottled water cooler can help. The first thing it does is make it more convenient to get water. I mean the water is just sitting their, chilled to just the right temperature for optimum refreshment, waiting to be drank. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you need to fill the water pitcher and it’s right there in plain sight. The best thing to do is put a plastic cup dispenser next to the water cooler so you have no more excuses. The second way that they improve your health is that they provide clean, purified water. You don’t have to worry about drinking terrible tap water or over chlorinated water. You get crisp, refreshing water that has beneficial minerals that your body needs. This alone is well worth getting a bottled water dispenser.

Even beyond the health benefits, bottled water dispensers offer benefits over other types of water coolers, in part, due to their flexibility. Because the water source is bottled, you can locate these water coolers just about anywhere; all you need is an electric outlet. Whether you want to put one on the second story of an office building, in your home office or even in the kitchen, you can put one anywhere that there’s a need. Bottled water cooler dispensers also provide the flexibility in choosing your water supply. There are numerous bottled water services that deliver bottled water to your door, or if you are more industrious, you can purchase a plastic water carboy and refill your own water for a greater cost savings. You also can choose what size bottle of water you need. The five gallon water bottles are great for busy places that have a lot of people using that water; however, if it’s just a few people that use it, you can switch to a smaller 2 or 3 gallon size water bottle and save yourself the effort of lifting a heavy water bottle.

Bottled Water Dispenser Features

Because bottled water dispensers are so popular, they come in all different models with all sorts of features and benefits. The best way to save money on a bottled water dispenser is to make sure you have the right features that you’re going to need and want and not pay for any of the extra stuff. Like any other appliance, a water cooler dispenser is a long term investment and will pay for itself many times over if you buy the right one. Below are a handful of features that are the most popular and can really improve your quality of life.

Hot and Cold Water These types of water coolers have a reservoir for cold water as all units do, but they also feature a separate hot water dispenser that holds water at 190 degrees. This is incredibly helpful for anyone who likes to drink tea, hot chocolate or instant coffee because it provides hot water at just the right temperature for an instant hot beverage. No more waiting around for water to boil, you get hot water on demand. These units come with a child lock feature so that the hot water isn’t accidentally dispensed.

bottom loaded water bottle There are several different brands out there that offer bottom loading water coolers that have a special compartment at the bottom of the dispenser that the bottle sits. These bottom loaded dispensers save a lot of work. A full 5 gallon water bottle weighs approximately 45 pounds and lifting it onto the water cooler dispenser can be difficult. With the bottom load dispensers, you no longer have to lift this weight but rather just simply slide it into the compartment and hook it up and it’s ready to go. It also has the added benefit of hiding the bottle, providing a clean and aesthetically pleasing look.

stainless steel finish If you’re looking for a bottled water dispenser that has a little bit of style to it, there are several stainless steel models that provide a clean finish that fit in with any modern kitchen. Stainless steel water dispensers tend to be a little more expensive than traditional bottled water dispensers so be prepared to shell a couple of extra bucks.

Save Money on Bottled Water Dispenser

Chances are that if you’re here, you’re interested in saving money on a bottled water dispenser. My advice is to determine which features you are most interested in as you don’t want to pay for extra features that you won’t use. That being said, like any appliance, a water cooler is an investment and you’ll want to make sure to get the features you think you’ll need down the road. The best way to save money on a water cooler dispenser is to shop around and score a great deal online. There are numerous online retailers that will occasionally have incredible deals. Another place you’ll want to check is with Because they deal in bulk they consistently have very low prices and because they have free shipping they tend to offer the best value.

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