Best Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews for Arborists


Blue Max chainsaws are not popular among the arborists as they did not have a good dealer network. I have heard from many of the Blue Max users that it is very hard to locate parts for their chainsaws and many of the local dealers have stopped selling their saws for that reason. Otherwise Blue Max chainsaws are good and they are moderately fair saws. Their lower price and good performance make them sell in fairly large numbers. Have a look below for their top models.

Product NameBlue Max 8901
Blue Max 8902
Blue Max 6595
Blue Max 7953
Blue Max 7954
Weight (lbs.)18.19 lbs23.13 lbs17.64 lbs9.0 lbs13.0 lbs
Average Length19.29 in39.37 in18.9 in17.7 in22.83 in
Chain Brake
Chain Tensioning
Tank Capacity (fuel)0.53 L0.55 L0.31 LElectricElectric
Engine2800 RPM2800 RPM2800 RPM3500 RPM5500 RPM
Automatic Oil Pump
Level Indicator (oil)
Maximum cut diameter24 in24 in24 in28 in32 in


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