Best Blenders For Smoothies


By their definition, blenders are devices that we use to turn our favorite fruits and vegetables into tasty smoothies. In order for you to get the most out of your daily smoothie you’ll have to pick an appropriate blender first.

Though there is a variety of blenders out there that you can choose from, this isn’t much of a concern as we’ve already done the research for you and the only thing you should focus on is the health/energy benefits you’ll get out of it.

Due to the fact that most people tend to consume less nutritious goodies than what their body requires to function at optimum levels, smoothies exist to help correct that. You can use your blender to make tasty smoothies a part of your morning or mid-day routine.

Some of the first things most people would like to find out about blenders in general is what makes an effective one as well as how can they recognize which blender is a good choice for them?

#1 – VitaMix 5200 Blender

vitamix 5200 - best blender for smoothies

The best blenders out there are not only efficient as far as blending processes, but they’re also sleek looking and you can carry them places. The first blender on our list of top 4 best blenders for smoothies is the VitaMix 5200.

The VitaMix name might be familiar to you if you like to spend time in the kitchen as it’s among the best kitchen appliance manufacturers out there. There are a number of reasons why this blender is the first one on our list of top smoothie blenders:

It’s Efficient

It’s rare that we find blenders so efficient that they carry out an entire task properly and do so without encountering any problems. For instance, this blender in particular managed to successfully make 40 different smoothies without breaking down or delays.

You’ll find that there’s a variety of processes this blender can do for you that include mixing, grinding, chopping, juicing and blending. That is just incredible seeing how a single machine could carry out that many processes without encountering any issues.

One of the best things about it is that you’re able to add lots of ingredients without the worry of having your fingers chopped off. This is especially useful if you change your mind about something and don’t want to have to start all over, saving you time.

Cuts Down On Time

The VitaMix 5200 is able to finish off any task you in reasonable time frame and provide you with excellent results. All you have to do is choose your favorite extracts and then put them all together for blending.

This blender focuses on the extraction of the most essential ingredients and once the task has been completed – it washes itself. All you have to do is make sure you pour some water into it prior to blending.

Sleek Looking

Among the reasons why this machine made it’s way to our top selection of blenders is not merely due to it’s effectiveness, but because it looks beautiful. There’s something about efficient blenders that aren’t appealing to the eye that make you want to avoid using them.

This machine appears durable and elegant simultaneously and will fit in wherever you choose to place it. There’s a selection of standard classy colors: white, red and black.

This is the type of blender you’d refer to as classy, and they’ve made sure to include some videos in addition to the cookbook on how you can use it to make top notch smoothies.

Top Notch Blender Overall

The VitaMix 5200 is a combination of the best things you’d expect out of a blender that just works. It’s efficient, it extracts what you wanted in the first place, it looks/feels great to have and is durable.

You want to avoid using blenders that tend to break down after a while. We don’t even have to mention how necessary something like this is as you’re trying to remain in shape. The 5200 model also comes with a 7 year warranty.

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#2 – Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender - the best blender for smoothies

The second blender on our list of top blenders is the Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender. This blender has a very unique blade group/assembly as the central blade basically pulls the items down for the crush and chop processes.

Its wide blades make it easy to whip all those contents you chose in the first place and turn them into the tastiest smoothies. There’s a 750 watt motor powering this blender as well as a timer you can adjust. It has two main settings to choose from: Smoothies and Ice Crush.

The first thing you’ll notice about it is that it has a pulse button as well as a 5 speed control. Not only can you use it to blend regular ingredients, but it has some food processing abilities as well.

Its copolyester jug is free of BPA and you’ll find that the motor is actually quiet and suitable for family environments. This is useful if you’d like to enjoy a smoothie in the early morning or late nights without waking up your family. It has a feature to allow for minimizing the trapped food and is relatively easy to clean.

When it comes to pouring out and cleaning, one of the most helpful features you’ll find is the wide base jar on it. Even though it has a fairly wide base, you’ll find that it doesn’t hinder effectiveness in any way.

The sets of blades included in it work flawlessly together, starting at the central assembly that basically pulls down the initially unblended food for additional processing.
There’s also a second set that is wider, keeping all your ingredients moving for optimum results. It’s rare to use a blender so efficient that you don’t even have to shake it or temper with it as its working.

One of its nicest features is the LCD timer which is responsible for giving it that modern appearance. This feature basically ensures you don’t go over the top on the blender by working it for longer than the initial recommended time. It has an appealing modern look, it’s efficient, durable and quiet in operation. What else could you ask for?

We also liked the fact that there’s no need to put pressure on the lid with your hands and that it doesn’t wobble. It’s extremely stable and all you do is put the contents in and wait. There’s even a cord storage in its base.

If you don’t have a lot of space inside your kitchen or are simply not a fan of dealing with cords, you’d be glad to know that it wraps up properly inside the base and you can just pull out as much as you need. This decreases the clutter inside your kitchen and the blender itself doesn’t leave chunks of food floating around. It is one among the best for smoothies.

Breville Conclusion

Although the Vitamix 5200 is our top pick, we find that the Breville tends to blend just as well as it and costs half as much. For most people this blender is all that’s necessary and that is why it’s #2 on our list of top blenders.

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#3 – Ninja BL660 Professional Blender

Ninja BL660 Professional Blender - best smoothie blender

The third on our list of most recommended blenders it the Ninja BL660. This blender is listed at less than $140 and some of its main features are the 1000-watt motor and the touch screen system.

There are two main containers included, a safety feature for operation, and the containers are split between large quantity and single serve. The feature that is mostly responsible for making it operate smoothly is its 6 blade technology, and it can be washed in a dishwasher as well.

The single serve BL660 Professional Blender is not only effective in its operations, but it’s also fairly affordable. Because of its powerful motor, you’ll be able to blend together multiple ingredients of choice and it’s the perfect blender if you’re not looking at using it for large quantities.

Simple And Effective

Some people just need more of everything, and the main advantage to this blender is that it’s very suitable for people trying to save money and use it on a daily basis. Its single container simply contributes to the adjustability it provides as you can use it to make smoothies every day.

Frozen fruits/vegetables as well as ice can be blended, and you only have to wait a few seconds to get a great smoothie out of it. As we mentioned earlier, the 6 blade technology this blender comes with is responsible for the efficiency and the touch screen just makes it easy to use. That sleek design means that you’ll be able to use it wherever you see fit.

Strong And Durable

You’ll notice how capable this blender is when it comes to blending something as strong as ice. It takes around half a minute for the BL660 to blend your ice to snow, and if the ice is covered with juice you’ll find that most other blenders are only able to crush it rather than turning it to snow. In addition, you’ll be able to blend your favorite ingredients including seeds, fruits and vegetables for the best quick smoothies out there.

Snow smoothies are something you should try out at least once and there’s even a feature called individual size carafes. You’ll find that it’s also practical in everyday situations as you can choose between a 16 oz serving for one individual only, or a 72 oz serving for a group of people.

As we were choosing the best blenders for smoothies, we made sure to not only pay attention to how effective they were but whether the manufacturers paid attention to the details themselves. There are things about this blender that you don’t find in others. For instance, there’s a unique pouring spout to it, and though you might not notice it at first, you’ll actually start to appreciate details like this one the more you continue using it.

6 Blade Assembly

It’s not hard to understand why this blender is so powerful and can cut ice with ease – it’s the 6 blades that are stacked in a virtual manner and have a combined 1000 watts of power. Anything you throw at these blades is going to be reduced to rubble, and you’ll hardly ever want to go back to a single blade blender after you start using it.

To Conclude

This blender is a combination of useful features such as the safety operation, the touch interface, the blade technology as well as its sheer power. Also when you take in consideration the price, you’ll notice that provides amazing value for money.

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#4 – Oster 4093-008 Traditional Beehive Blender

Oster 4093-008 Traditional Beehive Blender - the best blender for smoothies

The Oster 4093-008 Traditional Beehive Blender is the last blender on our list as it’s an amazing addition to any kitchen, providing for excellent results. We’ve been using it for months day after day, and we find that it’s easy to make great tasting smoothies with it whenever there’s a need.

It’s perfect if you’re in need of a smoothie to start off your day feeling good and be able to retain that energy throughout. If you have children or guests over, some of them might want to try out milk combined with healthy foods, and this blender will prove useful then as well. It offers a stability that can not only be described as simple, but durable as well.

Lots Of Practical Efficiency

If your main reason for looking at a new blender is the performance it offers, you’d be glad to know that this mixer’s performance can be compared to the most high-end of kitchen appliances out there. There’s a balance between the design and way it works that would surprise you.

Even though you might be put off by its minimalistic/fundamental appearance that lacks some advanced features, you’d be surprised that the end result it provides is beyond exceptional.

There are only three switches that you can choose between – off, heartbeat and normal. It’s the most straight-forward of all, and does the job without any hassle. Most reviews on the internet give it a five star rating which is to be expected considering how well it works.

For instance, not only can it mix your smoothies, but it can mix sauces and beverages as well. This blender is capable of chopping most ingredients you feel like chopping, and it crushes hard things such as coffee beans, ice and nuts with ease. When it comes to beverages, you won’t ever taste any leftovers like potato chips.

The Oster 4093-008 is powered by a 350 watt motor that never encounters container issues and provides you with a comfortable motion, although its noise levels are higher than usual. The good thing about it is that it almost never heats up extensively, and its power is unparalleled! You can pull out ingredients from your freezer, put them in there and enjoy a beverage a few minutes later.

If you’re one of those people who prefer to do a little mixing as well, you’ll find its heartbeat feature enjoyable as far as hard mixing. There’s a see-through surface so you can monitor the process and rubber corks which prevent any sudden sliding.

One of the things you’ll have to pay attention to a lot is the actual cleaning process, as the blades are razor sharp/edgy, meaning that you’ll have to stay alert in order to not cut yourself.

The good thing about the cup container is that you can wash it in a machine, and it’s not recommended for people that are tight on space inside their kitchens. It’s fairly large in size.

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Conclusion To The Best Blenders For Smoothies

These are our top 4 best blenders for smoothies, and the only thing you’ll have to make sure is to decide which one you’re going for based on your lifestyle. All of these are long lasting and come with high quality blades, meaning that you and your family will be able to enjoy smoothies any time you like. Also be sure to check out our Magic Bullet Vs NutriBullet article to see if either of those powerful blenders are a good choice for you.


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