Best Baseball Gloves


The fact is that baseball is America’s favorite past-time. From young children to adults, the game is also a great participation sport. From a very young age, it’s important for people to use the proper equipment in order to maximize their playing efficiency on the field.

All that is needed is a baseball, a bat and the proper baseball glove (mitt).

Types of Baseball Gloves

Some people may not be aware of the fact that baseball gloves have evolved to the point where there are now five different types of gloves that are made for specific positions on the field. There are;

Catcher’s Glove  – This type of glove is characterized by the fact that it is has no visible finger slots, a smaller pocket area than that found on other gloves and extra thick, leather padding to help absorb the impact of a fastball. For advanced players, there is also a special style of catcher’s mitt that is specifically designed with a larger pocket to help track down knuckle-balls that tend to float in

unpredictable directions.

Pitcher’s Glove – Pitchers use a variety of grips that will cause the ball to react in certain ways. In order to prevent batters from seeing a pitcher’s grip of the ball inside the mitt, pitcher’s gloves are usually a bit smaller with a closed webbed pocket that help to keep the ball hidden from batters.

First Baseman’s Glove – A first baseman is required to receive throws from all over the field, especially from infielders. Since balls being thrown by infielders might bounce or go wide of the target area, a first baseman’s mitt is long (over 12 inches) with no visible finger slots and extra webbing that helps dig or scoop the ball out of the dirt on the “short-hop”.

Infielder’s Glove – Infielders are required to scoop up ground-balls and pull them out of their mitt in order to make a quick and accurate throw to another base. Their mitts are smaller with wide-open webbing, which allows them to reach into the mitt with their throwing hand and pull the ball out as quick as possible.

Outfielder’s Glove – Outfielder’s are required to catch fly balls from all different angles. Their mitts are large with closed webbing and a deep pocket to keep the ball from popping out of the mitt when caught.

Proper Care Tips

Baseball gloves are usually made with high-grade leather. When first purchased, a new glove needs to be “oiled” for several days with a special product designed for mitts. This help loosen up the leather in order to assure maximum flexibility. Once the mitt feels right to the player, it is incumbent on the player to keep the mitt stored in a safe place and to make sure they oil the mitt at least once a week to keep it in the best possible condition.


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