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Buyers who are interested in functional, capable, and affordable barbeque grills should look into Aussie grills. This brand has developed a reputation for marketing to consumers who are interested in low budget, basic bbq grills that work. They specialize in gas and charcoal grills – especially portable models – and feature product lines such as Bondi, Bonza, Bushman, Koala, Monaro, Vantage, Sizzler, and Swinger.

Australian buyers who are in the hunt for an inexpensive barbecue grill that has the necessary components required for a successful grilling experience frequently look towards this brand, especially if they are looking for a portable gas grill that can be set up virtually anywhere, like during RV vacations.

Below, we have reviewed two best-selling products in this Australian grill brand and have listed the pros and cons of each in order to give you a good overview of what Aussie has to offer. As you will see, Aussie grills provide a wide range and selection of grills for just about every purpose.

Best Selling Aussie Gas Grills

Two of the best-selling Aussie grill models are listed below, each with advantages and disadvantages as reported by consumer feedback found on various resources online. These are the summary of comments from actual buyers who have used the grills extensively.

Aussie Vantage 6703C Gas Grill

The Vantage 6703C is a stainless steel, 3-burner grill that uses propane gas to pump out 45,000 BTUs. Consumers have praised this grill for being affordable yet with sufficient power and output to grill anything. They also have applauded this product for its simple yet efficient and functional design. It may not have many of the bells and whistles of higher-end grills, but the Vantage 6703C has enough functionality for most grill masters and is a perfect example of Aussie outdoor gas grills.

This grill does have drawbacks, like most units. The Aussie Vantage 6703C is not as solidly constructed as most people desire. Major problem – people have complained that the unit is a bit top heavy and does not stand up as well as other gas bbq grills in its price range over time with repeated use. Plus, the Vantage is reportedly difficult to clean, and requires a bit more time to maintain than normal.

Aussie Bonza Elite

The Bonza Elite is the second of the two best-selling Aussie gas grill models reviewed. This model is a 6-burner, liquid propane gas grill constructed out of stainless steel, with 815 square inches of cooking space and over 60,000 BTUs of output. Grillmasters have reported that the Aussie Bonza is affordable and, like other of its products, simply constructed. The six-burner design is quite capable, too, and is suited for large families, or when you need to sear big and thick slices of meat or beef steaks.

Bad points: some users have commented that the Bonza, like the Aussie Vantage grill, needs more maintenance time to clean and maintain. Some have also said that the hose that connects the liquid propane tank to the burners is just barely long enough to reach, which cuts down on mobility. Other than these comments, the majority of users really enjoy the Aussie Bonza Elite and what it has to offer.

Best Places to Buy Aussie Grill Parts

If you are looking for places to purchase spare and replacement grill parts, one of the best places to start is directly through Aussie gas grill official website. You can also find these parts in major hardware stores, such as Lowes, Home Depot, and other similar places.

The Aussie grills brand is ideally suited for customers who want affordable grilling that is functional. Buyers of Aussie grills typically use grills on a semi-regular basis and do not have a need for a large, high-end unit. The portable Aussie charcoal grills are perhaps the best-designed products in the brand, but the gas grills made by this company are not far behind and are solid grills for most consumers.

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