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Are Arbonne skin care products the real deal?


When I started hearing about Arbonne beauty products, I started asking myself the exact same question.

After all, they aren’t cheap and I wasn’t wild about the idea of ordering them through a consultant rather than conveniently picking up the anti aging creams at a drug store.

So I put on my savvy shopper’s hat and started to investigate. I assembled what I learned into this FAQ guide:

Reviews on Arbonne Products

The Arbonne Opportunity

The brand was started by a team of herbalists, biochemists, and biologists in Switzerland during the mid-1970s.

It’s sold through independent consultants, similar to Mary Kay or Avon. These trained consultants purchase Arbonne directly from the company then sell them to people like us.

You’ll find Arbonne skin care product consultants in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. They also provide Internet consultants for customers who don’t have one locally.

And if you believe in buying “green” then the Arbonne skin care line may be for you. The firm supports responsible harvesting and replenishment of the botanicals used in the products, according to their web site. They also incorporate a number of green initiatives, including using renewable resources for paper packaging and printing with biodegradable soy based inks whenever possible.

What’s more, animal lovers will rest easier knowing the products aren’t tested on animals and don’t contain animal-sourced ingredients or by-products.

What Arbonne Ingredients are Used?

The company’s commitment to using only pure and safe ingredients is one of the most attractive points about Arbonne skin care products. Many of the creams, serums, and moisturizers are botanically based and dermatologist tested.

The company also follows the guidelines and regulations of a number of organizations, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada.

What kind of products do they sell?

Arbonne RE9

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Demonstration
Sold over 24 Million Units

The RE9 Advanced line is a full complement of anti aging skin care products, such as Regenerating Toner, Night Repair Crème, Instant Lift Gel, Age-Defying Neck Crème, and Collagen Support Dietary Supplement.

The company says these products combine 9 age-fighting ingredients, such as vitamin C and algae extract, to deliver fast results. In fact, a third-party group tested the products in an 8-week clinical trial.

The results? Nearly 85% percent of participants who used these Arbonne products reported firmer skin within just 24 hours and more than 95% reported better skin texture in one week.

Arbonne FC5

The FC5 Arbonne skincare products use pure and potent nutrients from some of the healthiest foods we eat, including kiwi, carrot, and mango. FC5 masks, lotions, and cleansers contain intact botanical cells, which retain their original nutrients until they’re applied to the skin.

Aromatherapy Arbonne Products

If you’re looking for Arbonne aromatherapy – that is covered as well. Using the aromatic medicine first used by the ancient Egyptians, aromatherapy products, such as Sea Salt Scrub and Bath and Shower Gel, are available in both invigorating scents and in relaxing scents.

Arbonne Cosmetics – Do they formulate makeup too?

This company isn’t just about skin care and aromatherapy. Arbonne cosmetics offer a full line of beauty products that includes everything from eye shadow and eyebrow gel to crème concealer and pressed powder. Many of the products feature Optilight Technology, which was developed to deflect light from the skin, creating what the company calls a flattering “soft focus effect.”

Real Consumer Reports

While the botanical ingredients and dedication to purity sound nice on the package, the real question we all want to ask is: Do Arbonne skin care products work? I checked out online reviews from real users and found the brand has a very happy and enthusiastic fan base. For example, many women swear by the Arbonne products’ RE9 line because they see visible results-the kind of results that prompt friends to comment on how well rested they look.

How much do they cost?

The company has a great reputation. Real users rave about results. The problem for some of us fighting the anti wrinkle battle may be the price. For example, some customers report paying over $250 for the Arbonne anti aging RE9 system. Some shoppers turn to auction web sites to find great deals, while others become independent consultants to receive a discount directly from the company.

Is Arbonne the right anti aging product for me?

I’ve never tried Arbonne skin care products before. However, considering their emphasis on botanical ingredients and extensive lines that include everything from aromatherapy to Arbonne eye cream, it may be an investment that pays off in skin that looks fresher and younger than it looks now.


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