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Best Air Fryer 2017 Reviews: Oil Free, Tasty And Healthy Foods        

Are you looking for a healthier alternative to the oily and fried foods that you eat, without having to forego your favorite foods? The air fryer is a perfect choice to enjoy those French fries and crispy chicken wings that you are afraid to eat because of the excess oil content in them.

The air fryer uses hot air in place of oil for cooking food. This makes it one of the healthiest appliances in your kitchen. With its health benefits, air fryers are in great demand attracting a deluge of products that boast of durability and efficiency.

Here are some important features you should look for while purchasing an air fryer:

Air Fryer Cooking Mechanism

To know about the features you should be familiar with the working mechanism of air fryers. An air fryer is a combination of different types of cooking in a single appliance. The electric coil present above the area where food is cooked helps provide radiant heating just like a stovetop burner or broiler element. The dry heat from the coil cooks the food.

A fan present over the coil produces superheated air as it passes through the coil and targets the food. This results in convection heating that you find in the commercial ovens in use now. The convection heating converts oil you add in minimal amounts into a mist that coats food evenly with the circulating heat. This helps to mimic the traditional deep frying action. While hot air circulates, the moisture in the food forms steam required to finish cooking.

Electrical Power

Air fryers require power ranging from 800 watts to 2,100 watts. So you should first ensure you have an appropriate outlet for the fryer.


Air fryers are capable of cooking 1.5 pounds to 2.5 pounds of meat or vegetables at any given time. You can purchase the size you need based on your requirements.

SettingsAnd Compactness

Most of the brands are easy to use and compact in size, so you can easily place them on your kitchen counter. However some models have advanced settings for the temperature and timers that may help your specific cooking needs. So you need to consider the settings too.

To own an air fryer that keeps you eating healthy foods and enjoy them at the same time you have to choose a product that meets with all your specific cooking needs and is durable and worth the money you shell out.

Don’t worry, you need not do the extensive research required to hone in on the apt product. We have everything covered. Here is a list of best air fryers in 2017 to help you out in your search for the right air fryer for you.

Philips XL Airfryer, The Original Airfryer, HD9240/94

Philips XL air fryer is an ideal choice to enjoy the fried foods that you favor with its rapid air technology. The technology helps circulate hot air precisely and with speed. Other favorable features in the air fryer include smart preset button for memorizing the settings you use for your frequently cooked or favorite food items.

The air fryer has a digital touchscreen that allows you to enter in the settings you need for cooking food, according to your specific taste. The product has a food basket and removable drawer both of which are coated with durable nonstick material. This makes it easy to cook food and clean the nonstick drawer and basket after cooking.

The capacity of the air fryer is 2.65 pounds, which is sufficient to cook for 4 people. With Rapid Air Technology, the Philips Air Fryer can cook food with 75% less amount of fat than what you use during normal deep frying.  You just need oil of about one tablespoon or less than that.

The starfish design unique to the air fryer helps circulate air and cook food evenly. Food is tender inside and crispy outside. With its innovative heating Philips air fryer can roast, steam, grill and bake foods easily. Other important features include:

Has a power capacity of 1750 Watts and a voltage of 120 V

Timer with 60 minutes duration

Temperature is adjustable up to a maximum of 390 degrees

Is dishwasher safe

Package includes recipe book and a free app that features over 150 recipes created in collaboration with star restaurateur and chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Dimensions of the package include 16.6 x 12.4 x 11.9 inches and weighs 19 pounds


French fries are easy to make and are tasty, crisp and perfectly  browned

The basket can be pulled out while the cooking is done to check the food without fear of burning. The air fryer has pause button which can also be used to check food while its cooking

It is easy to cook frozen items such as egg rolls, chicken nuggets etc. and foods that you prepare from scratch like chicken breasts, grilled sandwiches etc.

Light in weight and easy to store. Cord can be tucked into a specially provided compartment while storing

Clean up is easy with nonstick coating and dishwasher safe feature



Since food items require different time settings than what you normally need, there is a definite learning curve and sometimes the results may not turn out well due to the flaws in the design

For a family of five or more people, you need to cook in two or three batches as the basket does not allow food to be stacked. The optional pan for grilling helps, but you need to spend additional amount for it

The fryer is huge in size so takes up considerable amount of counter space.

It is difficult to clean food that is coming out of the air fryer exhaust and sticking to the edges of the control panel, when making from scratch.

2.GoWISE USA Programmable 7-in-1 Air Fryer, GW22621

GoWise Air Fryer of 3.7 quart capacity is an ideal choice for frying food without oil or very little oil. It has several advanced features including adjustable temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, timer of 30 minute duration with standby option and touch screen for choosing from the 7 inbuilt programs or manually programming of cooking time and button guard to avoid detachment of basket accidentally.

The air fryer is ETL certified and transferring food from the fryer to the plate is easy with detachable basket. GoWise air fryer uses rapid air circulation to cook food fast and evenly. The smartly designed features help you to cook all types of food including baking, sautéing, grilling and roasting meals, desserts and snacks. The dimensions of the air fryer include 9 x 8.5 x 12 inches and the item weighs 12 pounds.


Fries food that is crispy on the outer part and juicy and tender inside.

Nonstick coating makes it easy to clean

The design is compact so it takes up very little space

Fried foods do not have any grease on them

Very convenient and simple to use

Quicker than conventional or toaster oven

Temperature settings are easy to do manually and the preset version

Design is very appealing and touch screen is very good

The quick starter guide and recipe book are very useful



Nonstick coating is of very poor quality. It just wears and flakes off

Bottom pan chips off after a couple of months of use

The screws inside rust easily even after drying them immediately

The basket does not slide in completely letting heat escape during cooking process

Need to shake the basket during cooking to avoid food from sticking

Basket is too large and needs to be filled in up to half the level for even cooking

The tray has to be pushed in hard to lock it


3.Simple Chef Air Fryer

Simple Chef Air Fryer is an ideal choice for cooking food without added fat or oil quickly and in a healthy way. The air fryer uses Rapid Air Circulation to cook food without added grease or oil. You need just a single tablespoon or less oil. With conventional methods, you have to use gallons of oil for cooking food, but Simple Chef uses 70% less oil or fat for cooking deep fried foods.  The design is very sturdy and appealing to look at and is made from plastic free of BPA.

The important features in the air fryer include pan and basket made of nonstick coating, standby timer of 30 minute duration, temperature control ranging from 180 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, protection from overheating, rapid air circulation and dishwasher safe. The manufacturer offers guaranteed satisfaction with the product, failing which a refund will be offered, provided the return is done within 30 days. The dimensions of the product include 14.5 x 14.1 x 12.7 inches and the item weighs 11.9 pounds.


Cleanup is very easy due to nonstick and dishwasher safe feature

Price is inexpensive

Simple and easy to use

Controls are simple and can be operated just by twisting the knob

Compact in size hence convenient to store


Food cooked in the fryer is very dry

Foods like potatoes take a long time to cook and uneven cooking causes burning of foods

Temperature setting is difficult and the timer dials are made of poor quality material

The nonstick coating scratches easily and peels off even without using any abrasive scrubber

Cannot cook large quantities simultaneously


4.Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer

Big Boss Air Fryer with 16 quart capacity and 1300 watt power is a low energy high speed air fryer that supports healthy cooking with its oil less efficiency.  The air fryer combines infrared technology, convection and halogen heat to cook food to perfect outer crispiness and juicy moistness inside.

The halogen heating element helps to brown foods, roast them perfectly and add flavor. Convection element helps in hot air circulation. This helps to cook food faster. Infrared cooks the food evenly sealing the juices in foods and is apt for roasting turkey, baking fish, broiling steaks, grilling, toasting, steaming and frying chicken. The air fryer is also great for making dessert. The air fryer does all this and more without any defrosting or pre heating.

The dimensions of the product include 16 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches and it weighs 14.7 pounds. The two cooking trays help in cooking multiple foods simultaneously. The triple cooking feature uses fewer amounts of energy and makes cooking 3X faster. The tightly sealed lid helps to trap hot air inside.  The temperature settings are multiple and have food icons for easy identification of temperature needed for different food items.  The design is stylish and comes in six different appealing colors making it a trendy addition to the kitchen.


The book guide for cooking temperature is very useful

It is easy to adjust temperature according to your needs

The double cooking racks, wire basket and spacer ring make it easy to cook more food items and larger items too

Self-clean option makes it easy to clean after cooking.

Cooks all types of food easily and with the flavors intact

Does not heat up the entire kitchen while it works


The bowl capacity is just 13 quarts

The size is too large so takes up more space for storage  and tedious to put it away and use again

The taste is not comparable to cooking in oil. Not as crispy as deep frying

Time taken is longer than what the directions show

Does not brown foods

5.Air Fryer XL 5.3 QT Black Deluxe with Power Air Frying

Power Air Fryer XL model by Tristar Products is an amazing product that uses very minimal or no oil for cooking tasty and delicious food. From juicy chicken tenders and crispy French fries to delicious chicken wings and fish sticks the air fryer can virtually cook up a storm in your kitchen. And it also makes delicious desserts like fried donuts, chocolate chip cookies and fruit crisps.

The air fryer uses rapid air technology ensuring you have tasty and sumptuous fried foods without any added oil. The dimensions of the air fryer include 14.5″ H x 12.5″ W x 14.9″ D. Other important features include digital one touch LCD panel for setting the temperature, power capacity of 1700 watts and a recipe book by celebrity chef Eric Theiss. The package also includes Pizza Pan, cooking tongs and baking insert with the deluxe models.


The air fryer works flawlessly enabling to cook all fried items without adding oil

No greasy spatter to clean up or oil to dispose of after cooking

The colors are very pretty

Easy to clean because of nonstick coating

Cook book with numerous recipes is very useful


The handle bends easily under pressure making it easy to touch the hot cooking surface and getting burnt

The design is not very good

The cooking basket is difficult to remove and insert

The nonstick coating peels off

The drawer expands due to the cooking heat and becomes difficult to pull out and slide in

6.Avalon Bay Air Fryer

Avalon Bay air fryer is a great addition to the kitchen, if you are looking for a healthy alternative to deep fried foods. The air fryer is an innovative and very beneficial appliance that comes with multiple reheating and cooking options.

The air fryer is endowed with 1400 watts power and temperature range of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit ensuring you can grill, bake, fry or roast food to perfection in a healthy way. The 3.2 liter capacity air fryer also includes a baking set of two pieces and a cookbook. The timer is of 30 minute duration and the design has a removable basket.

The mechanism behind the air fryer is the same as what you see in convection ovens but is more superior. The XL fan feature in the appliance helps removes oil and fat from food. The oil drips through drip basket and the rapid air circulation lifts the oil and coats the food in it. This process continues until the cooking is completed. Thus you get crispy and juicy foods. The dimensions of the product include 13.5 x 11 x 12.8 inches and it weighs 14 pounds. The manufacturer offers a 90 day return guarantee, if you are not happy with the product.


The design helps to promote smooth and even cooking

The cleanup is very simple. You can use the dishwasher or just clean it with warm water and soap.

Nonstick coating helps to avoid food from sticking and making cleaning a big mess.

The two dials present are very easy and simple to use



With multiple washings the air fryer parts start to rust  and emit odor

Meat takes longer time to cook

The basket is difficult to fit in for the cooking to progress

Food gets dry if you do not check on the food frequently

Heating element cannot be cleaned

7.Air Fryer by Cozyna

Cozyna Air Fryer is a wonderful choice, if you are looking for an alternative way to cook fried foods without using oil. Cozyna air fryer is an all in one magic cooker that bakes, grills, fries and roasts all types of foods with just a single tablespoon of oil or even less.  In fact, it uses 70% less oil when compared to the usual deep frying method. All cooking parts are dishwasher safe making it easy to clean. The 1500 watts air fryer has a capacity of 3.2 liters and has a temperature range of up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is easy to adjust with the timer feature, which has 30minute duration. The product package includes two cookbooks with plenty of easy to cook and delicious recipes of all kinds. The dimensions of the product include 13 x 11.5 x 12.2 inches and it weighs 11 pounds.


The air fryer is well designed and of good quality

The flip switch used to disconnect basket from fryer is very good.

The compact size enables leaving it on the kitchen counter

Cooks sufficient food for two people

Cleaning is easy

Kitchen does not fill with oily smell

Controls are very convenient to use


The temperature button does not work so increasing or decreasing temperature is difficult

The cooking pan is very small and serves only one person. Does not cook large amoutns

Not appropriate for use by a family

The temperature setting is not clearly displayed

Food is not cooked evenly hence food is too dry or not of the desired flavor

Makes the kitchen hot

Basket is difficult to insert when the appliance is hot


8.GoWISE USA Air Fryer, GW22622

GoWise USA , the pioneer in air frying technology, has developed this 3.7 quart air fryer that lets you savor all your favorite fried foods and other items with very little or no oil. The air fryer features convenient to use dual controls, which help you set up a temperature ranging from 175 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The timer duration is 30 minutes. After the 30 minute elapses, the timer turns to standby mode. The indicator light present helps you to identify when the air fryer reaches the desired temperature.

The air fryer uses rapid air circulation feature to ensure even and fast cooking of food. The package includes a recipe book consisting of all types of recipes. The air fryer features automatic shut off mechanism when you remove the basket from the appliance and when the timer has reached its set time. The dimensions of the product include 9 x 8.5 x 12 inches and it weighs 12 pounds.


Food gets fried crisp and tender without adding any oil

Helps in cooking healthy, fast and delicious meals

Price is inexpensive

Does not make much noise

Works best for precooked food

Clean up is easy

Is great for reheating food


Timer knob is made of cheap quality

Cannot cook for a family of four or more people

Food is dry after cooking in it

Inner nonstick coating peels off after a few months use

The screws in the basket rusted in a few months

It is more like a convection oven than a fryer

9.Philips Airfryer, The Original AirfryerHD9220-28

Philips Air fryer is an ideal appliance to add to your kitchen, if you are looking for a healthy cooking option that does not involve little or no oil. The air fryer features a patented and unique star fish design that helps in quick and efficient circulation of hot air. Food cooked in the fryer is evenly cooked, crispy and tender.

The air fryer can steam, roast, grill or bake foods easily. The dimensions of the product include            13.8 x 13.8 x 15.1 inches and it weighs 16.4 pounds. The package includes a cookbook with more than 150 recipes provide by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Cleaning up after cooking is easy as all parts are dishwasher safe, and the basket and pans have nonstickcoating.


Easy and convenient to use without any preheat time or use of oil

Cooking time is faster

Cleaning up is easy

Fast delivery of product


Basket is small in size and hence can only cook small quantities at a time

In spite of nonstick coating cleaning is not easy as food sticks to the bottom of mesh basket and is difficult to remove

Timer is difficult to set

Is not good for cooking food from scratch

Size is big hence takes up more space in the kitchen

10.NuWave 36001 Brio Air Fryer

NuWave Brio Air Fryer provides a healthy choice for you as it allows you to grill, roast and bake your favorite foods with little or no oil. The 3 quart Brio Air Fryer made of premium grade plastic features digital LED display to enable accurate and consistent control of temperature and time needed to cook foods to perfection.

The fryer also has automatic pre heat function for cooking foods at a particular temperature. It includes a food basket and pan with a superior nonstick coating. And the fryer is designed with advanced safety features that prevent operation of unit unless the cooking basket is kept in the right position. The fryer basket and pan is dishwasher safe and easy to clean with its nonstick inner covering. The product dimensions include11 x 8 x 13 inches and it weighs 8 pounds.


Maintains proper temperature and cooks meals without oil and with much better taste

Retractable cord can be stored inside the fryer and storing it when not in use is easy

Recipe book has several good recipes

The basket and pan are easy to cook food and clean

Does not take up much of kitchen counter space

Digital control is bright and convenient to use


Food sticks to the pan and basket in spite of nonstick coating

The plastic is not of good quality. Heat seeps through the plastic and melts it

It rusts easily even if manufacturer claims it is dishwasher safe

Poorly constructed design

Now that you have read our lineup of best air fryers in 2017, you can make an informed and wise choice.  Cooking your favorite grilled, toasted, baked and fried foods healthily and with very little oil will become easier and quicker with the proper airfryer.You will get your money’s worth and change over to a healthy lifestyle while enjoying your favorite foods as before.


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