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3 Best Adjustable Dumbbells for Safe Workouts

Many people prefer to buy adjustable dumbbells when looking for flexible, free weights workout. There are actually a lot of online stores at present where you can browse and purchase the right exercise equipment you need. This buying guide is written to give you relevant information you have to consider when finding best adjustable dumbbells that would fit your strength training routine.

Some Things to Consider

Before you could come up with your final choice, there are several things that you need to take into consideration when opting for the right product.

  • Safety

This is your number one priority when looking for adjustable dumbbells. The exercise equipment should guarantee your safety when you are doing your routine and steer clear of any possible accidents that may occur.

  • Flexibility

Adjustable dumbbells must be truly flexible. Make sure to get a product that is well-suited for your workout goal and is flexible enough should you make some essential adjustments in the future.

  • Price

For any item that is being considered for buying, it is typical for us to look at the price. Price is a factor that does matter. A lot of adjustable dumbbell brands are emerging these days offering smart features with designated prices. However, you should opt for the one with the most secure and top quality possible, and with a reasonable price.

  • Durability

If you are looking forward to using the equipment in long terms, then you should go for the durable ones so that you will not need to replace it more often.

  • Fast Weight Switching

When purchasing an adjustable dumbbell, choose the one that has the fastest weight settings, which is the most adjustable of all items when it comes to various weights.

  • Warranty

Each manufacturer offers different coverage and length of warranty. There are a few that can only provide one to three years of limited warranty while some can put forward a lifetime limited warranty. Therefore, before you buy a specific product, you have to make certain that you have initially reviewed and understood the warranty coverage.

Three Best Adjustable Dumbbells and Their Optional Features

In scouting for the best adjustable dumbbells on the market, you are given a wide range of selections. Though according to customer reviews, the top three choices of this product are the Bowflex SelectTech, Ironmaster, and Universal Power.

1. Bowflex SelectTech

This brand comes in different forms. It has variations of 552 and 1090. The former can be adjusted from 5 to 52.5 lbs while the latter is composed of 17 weights in one piece exercise equipment. This is suited for exercise trainees who want to experience a higher level workout. You can purchase it from $240 to $599 but it depends on the product line. Check out our review here!

2. Ironmaster

The Ironmaster is the most heavyweight and flexible dumbbell in the market. You can adjust this 75 pound quick-lock dumbell between 5 and 75 lbs, with an extra 2.5 lbs. It is manufactured from welded steel with chrome plated handles. You can usually buy this for around $529. Here is our reivew about this product.

3. Universal Power

The Pak 445 adjustable dumbbell is one of the most well-kown models of Universal Power. You can adjust it between 4 and 45 lbs with a special turn panel. Its handle has a durable thermoplastic rubber coat intended for no-slip grips. You can get this at a very affordable price of $269.

Adjustable Dumbbell Components

Safety should be your topmost priority when purchasing free weights equipment to avoid any injuries while doing the routine. While dumbbells are grand tools that can aid you achieve your body shape and health target, you should be aware that they are practically heavy, too. Mishandling them can already lead to injury.

To make sure that adjustable dumbbells are secure, the following components are to be considered:

1.     Built and construction

This component speaks for the durability and quality of the product. You should see to it that this certain type of free weights tool is made of high-end raw materials and is built with superior feature quality.

2.     Space-saving

You should make certain that the adjustable dumbbell will not be a hassle during and after your exercise. A flexible dumbbell comes in different lengths and sizes. When you buy this product, you need to double check your gym space and exercise brackets in order to opt for a space-saving equimpment that will not use up too much space.

3.     Locks

In terms of security, locks are among the necessary components. You need to ensure that the locks of the adjustable equipment are hard-wearing enough to prevent any accidents while exercising.

4.     Handles

While doing free weightlifting, handles play an important role because it is where the exercise trainee grips. When you canvass for adjustable dumbbells, you should try testing them. If you think the dumbbell’s handles are not suited for firm grips, then find another option that has a no-slip grip handle.

Tips on Maintaining Your Free Weights Equipment

  • Cleaning

It is easy to clean and maintain adjustable dumbbells. However, you also need to take extra caref when cleaning it. You must read the equipment manual in order to get the right idea of what cleaning tools to use and how to clean it properly.

  • Avoid misuse

If you always mishandle your equipment, its durability is at stake. If possible, do not overdo your workout so as to keep the equipment’s usability for a long time.

  • Repairs

When repairing adjustable dumbbells, you have to check the product guide. If you think you cannot handle fixing it yourself, call a professional to do the repair.

Final Remarks

It is always practical to plan before you decide to purchase anything. That includes giving yourself some time considering buying the best adjustable dumbbells that you will be using on your workout.  Bear in mind that your uppermost priority is the one that is of high quality with a price reasonable enough to guarantee your safety while you are performing your free weights training.Share


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