Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners – Reviews & Buying Guide


Guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments that are being used today.  It is a musical instrument with  individual shape and sound, and the best way to find out how guitar produce its sound is to first understand the different parts that compose the structure of the instrument. For instance, the vibrations of the sound board are what produce the sound in acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitar has a waist which makes it easy for the instrument to rest on your knee and two widening which is the upper bout and the lower bout where the neck is connected and the bridges is attached respectively.


This hand finished F310 guitar by Yamaha is a great starter pack that is specially designed to be gentle to finger tips. It is made of special tone woods and stable, and with the dependable hardware this guitar offers a well balanced tone which is clear and very responsive.  It actually creates a great and nice sound, and it’s easy to play. It provides a lesser pressure in the strings without losing the tone. With its straight neck, a little bit shortened scale length and perfect fret, this guitar is very ideal for beginners. It creates a big sound and easy to play. This guitar is UK’s best selling guitar.


  • Full size with 6 strings
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Spruce top
  • 364 mm strings scale
  • Meranti side and rib
  • Nato neck
  • Open chrome tuner

It uses Yamaha YT100 tuner that features illuminated pitch indicator and a tuning guide, and it comes with a built in microphone that permits you to adjust acoustic instruments. It also provides an easy to read tuning that allows you to see in the dark or in bright light. Finally, the tuner is lightweight and portable and it is battery operated.

  • Accessory Package

This includes spare strings, tutorial DVD, and guitar strap and guitar plectra. These accessories offer an all – in – one guitar package at high value.

Yamaha’s well-known quality control guarantees that this F310 guitar is laid up to the same spec as other professional models and its reputation for excellent quality.


This Lindo 93IC guitar is a brand new apprentice acoustic guitar that is specifically designed having a subtle details and uses quality woods which make all Lindo guitars appear good and produce perfect sound. The body and soundboard is made from high quality linden that is skillfully made into a compact and auditorium shape. This helps give a pleasant and warm tone as well as clear and pithy highs and the fingerboard that is made of maple goes well with the warm tone giving young guitarist and beginners a perfect choice of guitar for a start up.

The Lindo 93IC acoustic guitar has a catalpa neck and a classic shaped headstock with an elegant gold Lindo logo on it. The bridge which is also made of maple, and the ABS saddle with the ABS nut, holds and controls the tone of each string to a set of soft action chrome machine heads. This simple and attractive machine heads comes with ABS lozenge buttons that make sure the guitar keeps a precise and perfect tune.


  • 39” Acoustic guitar
  • Cut away body size
  • Mahogany body top
  • Linden plywood body, back and sides
  • Catalpa neck
  • Two-way truss rod
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Matt body finish
  • Steel strings
  • Bird shape pick guard
  • Plastic end strap pin
  • Black ABS
  • Paper sound hole rosette

The Lindo 93IC guitar is made in the UK by Lindo Guitars. It comes with a canvass carry case in a Lindo brand, and with carry straps and zip pocket for the accessories.


This Encore guitar is a ¾ sized acoustic guitar that provides a remarkable and well balanced tones. It offers an easy playing response that is perfectly great for helping passionate beginners to learn quickly.

Encore guitars are light and they give an easy feeling which provides the ideal way to start learning the thrilling skills of playing classic guitars. This guitar also features 3 different sizes that are designed to fit students and beginners of all ages and hand sizes. This instrument is light and quick to respond, offers a smooth and fine nylon strings that produces fine & good note and a dynamic timbre sound and a nice rich tone.

The Encore Classical guitar is absolutely a perfect choice for beginners as a starting point to play guitar. It comes in 3 different sizes that cater every need of players of all ages including child beginners.


  • Spruce-laminated top
  • Laminated back and sides
  • Maple fingerboard
  • Maple neck and bridge
  • 590mm scale length
  • Gold/nylon roller machine head

The Encore classic guitar gives you everything you need to start playing acoustic guitar. The instrument comes with a gig bag that provides protection and easier to carry, tuning pitch pipes, a set of spare strings and a tutorial DVD to help beginners get started.  Encore guitars are specially designed to match and go well with players of all ages.


The Encore classic guitar is packaged to provide everything beginners need for a start up. This classic guitar comes in 3 different sizes that are very suitable for young guitarist and beginners. Its ½ size makes it a perfect choice for children to play. It can be also a great instrument for adults who are beginners. It has a wide neck that supports a sharp and accurate left hand and nylon strings that are gentle and kind to young fingers.

This classic guitar is brilliantly shaped to provide a comfortable playing of the instrument and a wholesome and perfect tone. It comes with a tutorial DVD to help new players and beginners get started. With this tutorial DVD, it makes this instrument suitable for all ages and the added carry bag helps you to carry the instruments easily.


  • Encore ½ size classic guitar
  • Carry bag
  • Pitch pipe
  • Set of spare strings
  • Tutorial DVD
  •  Tutorial listings

The Encore classic guitar as with all the other classis guitars by Encore is designed to give new players of all ages the comfort and easy playing of the instruments. And Encore, being one of the best player in the guitar industry has played an important role in the growth and progress of young guitarist worldwide. Their classic guitars are highly recommended for players of all ages.


The Stretton Payne acoustic guitar is a high quality full sized dreadnought body guitar with steel strings that is perfectly suitable for starting adults. This starter guitar for adults can also be an ideal guitar for a child moving to a full sized guitar. The fret board and bridge is made of solid rosewood that helps to produce a better and enhanced sound and a nice feel to the guitar. It has a spruce top that is widely known to provide the best tonal wood for a guitar. The spruce top makes it easier for the D1 to play and make the guitarist feel like he is a step above the normal entry level. D1 guitars are made for beginners, but are also good to bring on a holiday for enjoyment.

The guitar is perfectly tuned and set up by a professional musician before dispatch. This gives convenience to the buyer and it saves time for beginners as they won’t need to be tuning it up.


  • D1 Acoustic Guitar

It provides everything a beginner needs for a start up

  • Guitar Tuner

It is very simple and easy to use and it has everything a beginner needs to keep the instrument in tune

  • Guitar Gig Bag

The gig bag has straps that can be attached to be use as a backpack to make it easier to carry along to school or to the guitar lesson.

  • Guitar Strap

This makes it easier to play the guitar while standing

  • Guitar Plectrums

To expand the services Stretton Payne has to offer and to reach out people who want to play the guitar at their own time, Stretton Payne teamed up with Rockstar Academy to bring 6 months worth of online guitar tuition for free. The lessons provide all the necessary information beginners need to know to get them started.


 Yamaha, being the largest musical instrument manufacturer worldwide makes the Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar UK’s best selling acoustic guitar. Yamaha has been recognized as the No. 1 choice of musical instrument for students and teachers and are used through out the world by people in all walks of life including professional musicians.

Yamaha’s outstanding quality guarantees that the F310 guitar delivers a great and perfect tone and provides an easy play for the instrument. The F310 is a hand finished guitar that possesses the same Yamaha quality, design and sound that is loved by many. It is specially designed to be gentle on finger tips, having less tension on the strings without loss of tones.

Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar uses selected tonewoods with a stable and dependable hardware, and features a spruce top that provides a well balanced tone that is clear and quick to respond. It has a conservative straight neck, somewhat shortened scale-length and perfect frets that make this guitar suitable for beginners.


  • F310 Acoustic Guitar

It has 634 mm string scale and with a body depth of 96-116mm. It has Open Chrome tuners and spruce top, with Rosewood finger board and bridge. The back and side are made of meranti with a Nato neck.

  • Yamaha YT100 tuner

The tuner has illuminated pitch indicator and a tuning guide with an easy to read tuning that can be read in the dark or in bright light. It is lightweight and portable and battery operated.

  • Accessory Pack

The F310 Yamaha acoustic guitar comes with a set of accessories which include;

  • Guitar bag
  • Guitar stand
  • DVD
  • Guitar strap
  • Guitar plectra
  • Spare Strings

The packaged accessories that are included may not be Yamaha or Ultimate brand, and any images of these items that are contained herein are for illustration purposes only. In the event of guitar stock issues, the Yamaha F310 guitar may be substituted or upgraded to the higher spec Yamaha F370C guitar.


The Lindo 933C guitar is one of the brand new ranges of beginners to intermediate level acoustic guitars that are affordable and designed to provide an easy play. It has delicate details and uses quality woods which all Lindo guitars have and make them appear grand and attractive. Lindo had been creating range of guitars which offers excellent value for money, and with its complete package, this is the best deal to have, offering you everything you need for playing guitar.

The Lindo 933C acoustic guitar comes with a copy of the ‘Total Guitar Recommended, Complete Fingerstyle Tuition DVD and a Tab Book to help guitar players get quick and easy start. Also included are other accessories that guitar players necessarily need. These must- have accessories include a quality canvass carry bag, a frame guitar stand, Lindo CT-5 clip-on tuner, and a nylon guitar strap. A set of spare strings are also provided to give players extra supply which is most needed during playing time to replace strings that may be broken. To complete the set is 10 pieces of plectrums.


  • 39” Acoustic Guitar
  • Cut away body style
  • Linden body top, body back and sides
  • Black ABS—as binding
  • Catalpa neck
  • Two—way truss rod
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Gloss body finish


The Ibanez acoustic guitar Jam Pack is a great guitar package that provides everything a guitar player needs. It also offers all the necessary accessories that a new beginner should have for a quick and easy start up. The guitar comes with a guitar strap which gives an easy-carry when you are taking it out, and an electronic tuner which is very easy to use especially for newbie.

This acoustic guitar produces amazing sounds that is resonant and a heavy warm tone that is very pleasant to the ear. It comes with a range of accessories that will greatly help you have a quick and easy start.

These accessories include;

  • Clip on electronic tuner
  • Allen key
  • String
  • Strap
  • Bridge and Pin
  • Gig bag
  • 5 pieces guitar picks

The Ibanez acoustic guitar is light weighing just 3.1kg. This makes it an easy to carry, and with the included bag, you can store all the other accessories in it.


The SL Slim Electro Acoustic guitar is made in UK by Lindo Guitars. It comes with various features and benefits to influence all players of all levels. With its slim electro – acoustic guitar design makes this guitar more appealing.

The ORG-SL acoustic guitar is integrated with pre – amp and a digital tuner that is ideal for tuning while on the move. It also includes a chromatic mode that is used for custom strings tuning as well as an auto mode for regular tuning. The backlit LCD provides clear visibility in all lighting conditions to let you find your tuning pedal whenever you need to. A master volume dial on the pre-amp unit, together with the bass, middle, treble and presence sliders gives you the opportunity to boost levels for a lead progress or may reduce treble for a rhythm part.


  • Spruce top
  • Catalpa neck
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Cut away body shape
  • High quality tuning pegs
  • XLR socket

Connect the guitar to an amplifier to make easy live tweaks to the sound you made. When you are not connected to an amplifier, the usual tones of the guitar are still very pleasant despite the slim body design. The combination of the upper and lower bout width, spruce top, catalpa neck, Rosewood Bridge and bone nut & saddle gives an excellent balance of highs and lows and good resonance.

The ORG-SL acoustic guitar holds a metal logo that is engraved on the headstock and a “shark tooth” that is engraved on the rosewood fingerboard. The stylish look and cut away body shape adds functionality letting you reach for the note higher up the fingerboard.

This acoustic guitar comes with necessary accessories such as;

  • Soft carry case
  • Guitar lead
  • Strap
  • Capo
  • Spare strings
  • Plectrums Allen key


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