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Constantly, new abs machines are being launched, or re-launched with big advertising investment. These ab machines as seen on TV are quickly becoming popular, but that does not necessarily mean that they really deliver what the promise. Here is a review of the best ab machines and ab programs in 2011.

Ab Circle Pro 

Recently there has been a lot of noise about the ab circle pro. Most probably it is because of the celebrity endorsement by Jennifer Nicole Lee and the massive TV advertising. Well, Jennifer really has a great body and amazing abs and she had to , but does the ab circle pro really work? You can find here our cheap ab circle pro review, but to sum it up:

  • It trains your abs AND your obliques
  • It gives you a certain cardio workout – even though the intensity is not that high
  • The knee cushions aren’t very comfortable, you might need to use some knee pads
  • Jennifer Nicole looks great 
  • The machine itself can give you a great ab workout, but there has been too many reported quality issues to give this machine a good rating

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Crazy Abs Exerciser

The crazy abs exerciser is an ab machine quite similar to the Ab Coaster. In comparison with the ab coaster, it is cheaper – and maybe a little less sturdy. It is a really good ab machine as you will do a movement similar to hanging leg raises, and so it will also target your lower abs. You can also target your obliques by doing the exercise sidewards, even though some taller consumers reported that they did not notice that oblique exercise that much. The crazy abs exerciser is much less popular than the ab circle pro – due to the fact that there is not so much advertising for this machine, but it receives much better reviews.

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Ab Ripper X

Ab Ripper X is another popular abdominal program. It belongs to the P90X series. This program focuses only on abdominal exercises, so it does not include nutrition or cardio exercises – you still need to think about these issues, though, as they are crucial to really burn the fat and show your abdominals.

The program contains 11 different exercises. If you do 25 repetitions of each, you’ll do a total of 275 reps that will definitely tone your abs. (and it will burn!).

Ab Rocket

The ab rocket is almost a ‘classical’, it has been around for almost five years. We have reviewed the product in the best abs machines article. The advantage of the ab rocket is that it is an ab machine that supports your neck – as long as you’re not taller than 5’9. It features springs that make it easier to do ab crunches, but many consumers complain that the springs don’t have enough strength. This will depend on your weight and your fitness level.
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If your objective is to tone your abs, you might also be interested in a cheap Slendertone.

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