Best ab machines – which one is right for me?


There are so many products on the market for abdominal workouts that it is hard to decide which one you should have.

This page will give you some information about the most popular ab products.

You see advertisements for multiple abdominal products on TV and in magazines. The type of workout you want to have may vary and these products provided different types of workouts to help you tone up your abs.

Ab Circle Pro Review

The Ab Circle Pro has two basic motions. First, you can go from side to side to tighten and tone your stomach & hips. Second, you can push your legs inwards and outwards to tone your leg and butt muscles. Most workouts will involve alternating between these two motions for variety as well as

The ab circle pro is a highly portable and affordable ab fitness product. It folds away for better storage & travel. So its highly suitable people with active lives or for folks who live in limited living space.

Ab Coaster Review

The Ab Coaster delivers fast results through grueling workouts based variations of the leg raise. You will not only burn fat in your lower abs but in other parts of your body such as the lower back, legs and hips.

This ab workout equipment is definitely worth a second look if (1) you can afford the heft price tag and (2) you have the space for it.

Ab Rocker Review

We do not recommend the Ab Rocker because it is fairly limited in its movement. You will only be able to target certain parts of your midsection and there have been quite a few user complaints about its safety.


Ab Lounge and Ab Lounge 2 review
These abdominal products help to tighten up both your upper and lower abs and obliques to let you wear the swimsuit of your dreams.

The secret to this piece of exercise equipment is the biomedically advanced feature of Jack Knife ab crunches that give you a fuller range of muscle workouts than standard crunches.

During your daily exercises with either of these machines also helps to strengthen you back muscles. There is a healthy easting guide and Jump Start program included in the package when you make a purchase.

It can be adjusted to suit your individual fitness level and you can fold the machine so it stores out of the way when you are finished your routine.
Ab Swing review
Imagine swinging your way to a finely toned body.

This is what you can do with the ab swing exercise equipment because the Swing Glide technology helps your abs to contract from the bottom up.

The design of the equipment means you are in an upright position off the floor in an ideal position to give you an expanded range of exercise motions.

When you use this exercise equipment you flex the ab muscles and stretch them at the same time. You target all your abs and obliques as well as stretch your lower back muscles in one movement.

For a detailed review visit this ab swing pro review site.
Ab Scissor review
The Ab Scissor is based on a system of Gravitational Linkage, which helps you to leverage your own body weight for five different levels of resistance to tone the ab muscles.

The upright hand grip on the equipment lets you engage the abdominal muscles to give them a deeper contraction.

The use of your own body weight on this machine lets you tailor the workout to your body’s needs. With no complicated pulleys or wheels, all you have to do is turn the knob to change the resistance level to get the most out of your workout routine.

People of every age and fitness level can use this type of machine.  

Ab Doer review
The Ab Doer is another of the abdominal products that help you tone and strengthen your ab muscles by simulating the movement of an upright machine crunch.

By targeting the upper and lower abs, the obliques and the lower back all at the same time you will burn up the fat and the unwanted pounds you want to lose while it rotates your whole torso.

The back rollers are padded to protect your spine while still stretching the muscles of your lower back.

This equipment is designed to help you trim your waistline and the retailers of the Ab Doer tell you that using this machine every day will produce results in ten days.
Ab King Pro review

The Ab King Pro enables you to have a 200 degree range of motion to focus on the muscles of your upper and lower abs as well as the obliques on the up as well as down.

The machine provides protection and support for your back and neck so that you stay in proper form.

The different levels of resistance on this equipment means that it is excellent for people in all levels of fitness routines and training.

When you purchase this type of exercise equipment, you have a video to help you do the proper techniques as well as a healthy eating plan so that it fits perfectly with your weight loss program.

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