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Review Summary
The Ab Chair is a fitness device that promises to deliver people their abdominal fitness goals with less effort and less risk of injury than a traditional crunch workout. It can currently be found on numerous retailer and review websites, but it is also said to be available through television promotions. The Ab Chair resembles other such abdominal toning chairs in which the user sits and pulls his or her upper body towards the lower body. The entire body is supported by the chair, which is said to protect the body from strain.

Traditional abdominal workouts like these can often be further maximized with a product like The Flex Belt. The Flex Belt is a machine that requires the user to do no workout at all, yet it offers fast ab toning results. If you are serious about getting a six pack, you may find you are able to reach that goal quicker by combining a traditional ab workout with The Flex Belt’s revolutionary, FDA cleared EMS technology. To learn more about The Flex Belt you can visit the official website, which provides even more details on this belt’s proven abilities. For now we will go back to the Ab Chair.

The Ab Chair seems to come in several different models, though they are all the same basic design. It is solely designed for ab toning and doesn’t offer the ability to tone other body parts. Some sources state that as little as thirty minutes a day with the Ab Chair is enough to get fairly dramatic results. The machine weighs less than 50 pounds and can be found on several retailer sites at this time.

Because the Ab Chair can be found through several retailers, you will find it at varying price points. At the writing of this article, we located it being offered for around $79.99. Depending on where it is purchased from, you may find it comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

As stated, the AbChair isn’t sold on an official website and can instead be found selling on several retailer sites and profiled on several review sites. This means there are many sources of information when it comes to this device. By comparing the resources, you are most likely to find the best information, as some details can vary from site to site. Using several of these sources will allow you to get the most well rounded information and therefore make the most well informed decision.

Final Facts
The Ab Chair is a device designed to help people reach their ab fitness goals. It requires a traditional workout and reportedly works in as little as 30 minutes a day. The machine can be found on several websites, including those specializing in product reviews. While the Ab Chair can certainly be used on its own, it has been suggested that machines like this are able to deliver the most dramatic results when paired with something like The Flex Belt.


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