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Every year we choose an Ab Board that stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Some people call them leaders of the pack or trailblazers.  We just call them the Editor’s Choice.

With so many choices in exercise equipment out there, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a great ab bench that will be used for years to come and total crap that is both ineffective, uncomfortable, cause a back injury or will fall apart after a just a few months of regular use.

This year, we picked a board that has one single, solitary purpose:

Building Rock Hard Abs!

Some may wonder why we didn’t choose a multipurpose sit-up bench, that had adjustments to work every muscle on the body… well, our answer is simple:  We believe that in most cases, you came to this site because it specializes on building abs.

You didn’t come to this site to learn about fitness, or pick up a tip or two on building triceps, pecs, biceps, calves or hamstrings.  You came here to find out how you can build strong, sexy abs, using a quality ab bench… and maybe glean a nugget or two about shredding more fat off your midsection to finally uncover those abs that you’ve been working so hard to build.

So without further ado, our Editor’s Choice Award goes to…

Body-Solid GAB60 Adjustable Ab Board

Average Rating (Over 18 Total Votes):

This ab bench has everything you need for building rock hard abs:  12 adjustable positions (going all the way down to the floor up to a steep incline), lots of padding (DuraFirm) for back and tailbone comfort, double-stitching for maximum durability, thick foam rollers, and a industrial-strength steel frame.

All of this is backed by a whopping 10 year warranty!

Needless to say, this particular ab bench is the ONLY ab bench you need to build an incredibly strong midsection both the purpose of core strength, stability, and washboard that you can literally do your laundry on.


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