Best 5500 Watt Generator Reviews


The portable 5500 watt generator combine great utility with quick and easy use. It is basically a portable generator which is dedicated to providing power supply and durability for domestic use or for the purpose of a small business as well. They are reliable and offer undisrupted power to major electrical units in a house which includes window AC, micro oven, fans and lighting connections. They can also offer a wide range of watts from which you can choose keeping in all the conveniences intact.

5500 watt model has a 5 gallon fuel tank that runs continuously for about ten hours. It has a weight of nearly 153 pounds and with 8 inches wheels. It is safe and secure to use because it has a protection of about full cradle and a circuit breaker that protects the machine from any overload. The motor which is fitted inside is long lasting and does not make a loud sound even. Moreover this machine is considered as a fuel efficient model and so it is within the affordability range of any commoners. There are various portable 5500 watt generators available categorized in various wattages and styles. The models are always standardized, safe and reliable for use. They operate quietly and efficiently because during their construction, an extra care is always being taken. These portable generators even offer security and strength whenever there is any need of power.

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The 5500 watt generator can be used anywhere and this can be used from their living rooms to outdoor campaigns or even in camping sites. The standard model has a wide range of features which ensures that you get a high quality delivery of power with the amount of time and work you need. These kinds of generators can be best used for the purpose of various household appliances. It can be used to plug up the AC with power usage of about 820 watts and fridges of about 300 watts as well. Even it can be used for supplying power to television, DVD players, bulbs and microwaves. It can almost load all the typical home appliances. Let’s have a brief look about how you can put the 5500 watt generator into its best use:

Microwave – 1200 watts
Window AC – 820 watts
Refrigerator – 300 watts
Five 60 W bulbs – 300 watts
Television – 100 watts
VCR – 25 watts

Total – 4032 watts

However, there are few appliances which may cause problems with a 5500 watt generator. Among them can be central Ac which may surge the rating of the machine with the starting inrush. Electric heaters can also create problems because generally it contains two heating elements with 2500 watt each. Even in case of electric cloths dryer it has generally 5000 watt capacity and 5500 watt generators are absolutely unsuitable.

Otherwise, the 5500 watt generators are certainly one of the best power supply unit in case of power failure or absence. Designed specially for household usage, this generator can also be used for small business as well.


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