Best 5000 Watt Generator Review


Generators are of great help in case of power blackout at home, office or factory. The basic thing that a generator performs is that it transforms the energy from gasoline, diesel or propane into electricity. A 5000 watt generator is a great help at home in case of emergency because it can easily run a fridge, multiple lights, and fans continually for about 6 to 8 hours in single tank.

It is best to hire aa electrician to install your generator. You need a transfer switch for that which redistributes the power from the generator to the home’s circuit box. The need for multiple extension boards is reduced when we use the transfer switch. It is installed beside the main electrical panel from where it is connected to the circuits which we want to run with the help of the generator. However it must be noted that we should not run the circuits beyond the capacity of the generator. The common features of a 5000 watt generator are as follows:

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1. It runs on a single phase power with maximum output of 5000 watt and continuous output of 4250 watt.
2. When it is connected at 120 volts then the maximum load it can take is A41.6 whereas the continuous load is A35.4.
3. When it is connected at 240 volts then the maximum load it can take is A20.8 whereas the continuous load is A17.7
4. As far as engines are concerned there are various types of companies which produce different type of engines. However the basic type is the GX270. The power is 6.6kw or 9.0 HP. It needs unleaded gasoline as fuel. Its cooling system is air cooled and the starting system is recoil.
5. The fuel tank capacity of the above mentioned generator is 8 gallons. Its consumption at half load is gal. /h 0.5. And has running time of half load h.16.0.
6. The dimensions of a the generator on an average are as follows:
It has length in 29.5, width is 22.25, and height is 22.4. The dry weight of the generator is lb156 and the sound level is db (A) 78.

5000 watt generators can run almost every electrical device that is used in a household. It can run refrigerators, furnace, power tools, multiple lights, fans, cooler, A.C. etc. but you must take in mind the maximum load that it can take. You should not run a LCD TV or a laptop with the help of a generator unless you have a power regulator.

You can also use such kind of generator in your factory also. But always remember that generators require regular maintenance and are very noisy too. They require some space for fuel consumption and consume about a gallon of fuel every two hours. So use these generators but always keep in mind the load capacity of them and of course the fuel consumption. Get your 5000 watt generator today.


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