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Best 4000 Watt Portable Generators

If you are thinking of buying a 4000 watt generator for your home, then you will find all the information that you need to choose a particular model or brand on this website.

Best 4000 watt generator reviews

We provide the best 4000 watt generator reviews online, and we compare all the best 4000 watt generators currently selling today.

There are lots of different brands and models, which often makes picking the best 4000 watt generator for your needs a bit of a gamble.

We have weeded out the poor quality generators and have focused on providing information only on the best 4000 watt portable generators sale, that have had the best ratings and reviews from previous buyers.

It makes sense to listen to the experience of other buyers because they will be able to give you the information that you need need to make the right decision as to whether a particular generator is going to be reliable, based on their own experiences.

Best Place to Buy a 4000 Watt Generator

We have also found, after looking at a high number of online retailers, that the best place to buy a 4000 watt portable generator is from Amazon…

They have a large range of backup power generators to choose from, and in many cases you will get 4000 watt generator prices which can be heavily discounted, something which other retailers often cannot match.

Apart from this, they offer free shipping on many of their standby generators. This alone can save you a lot of money because most of the generators weigh a 100 pounds or more.

If you want to buy a cheap 4000 watt portable generator at the best price, then Amazon should be your first stop. You can look at the latest deals and buyer reviews by hitting the link below;

Find The Cheapest 4000 Watt Generators at Amazon…

Best 4000 Watt Generator Reviews – Uses

Most people who buy a 4000 watt portable generator will do so to provide emergency electrical power to their homes in the case of a power outage.

4000 watt generators for sale

However a portable 4000 watt can be used for a RV or taken on camping or fishing trips.

This is one of the reasons as to why 4000 watts are so popular. You can get many standby generators which offer more power, but this often makes using it for other activities a bit more difficult because they will weigh a lot more and can be difficult to transport.

One of the biggest questions that people ask is what will a 4000 watt generator run?

There is no easy answer to this because it will depend on on how many watts your appliances use.

The best way to judge is to add up the wattage power of the appliances that you may want running in the case of am emergency where you have no electricity, and then see if it matches the power output of the generator.

If you want to run a large number of appliances then you will need a more powerful generator. You can find more powerful generators for sale at Amazon

Deals on More Powerful Generators at Amazon…

Best 4000 Watt Generator Reviews – Best Brands

As we have already mentioned, there are a number of different brands of 4000 watt generator.

The different makes can have a significant difference in the price, and this will often depend on the brand name, the features, and type of generator.

A 4000 watt portable can be powered by gas, diesel, or propane. Obviously home generators powered by gas tend to be the most popular because gas is easy to get hold of.

One of the main things people also like to look at prior to making a purchase, is how to start a portable generator.

All generators will come with a pull cord which you obviously pull to get the generator engine started.

However Some generators do come with an electric start, where you just push a button to get it going. You can also buy a generator with a remote start, but the price will tend to be a bit higher.

Some people may want a natural gas 4000 watt generator for their home which is hooked to up to a natural gas supply. However at this level of power you are unlikely to find one because natural gas home generators tend to be much larger with a much higher power output, and can cost thousands of dollars.

4000 watt generator prices

The best brands typically are contained in the following list.

  • Champion 4000 watt generators
  • Coleman 4000 watt generators
  • Honda 4000 watt generators
  • Duromax 4000 watt generators
  • Generac 4000 watt generators
  • Yamaha 4000 watt generators
  • Durostar 4000 watt generators
  • ETQ 4000 watt generators
  • Briggs & Stratton 4000 watt generators

Although there are a few other good generator manufacturers around, the one’s in the list above are the best selling. Buy a 4000 watt generator from any of the above brands and you will have no issues with quality or reliability.

Best 4000 Watt Generator Reviews

Home emergency power generators with a power output of 4000 watts are the most popular generators in the United States.

More people buy a 4000 watt generator from Amazon, than any other retailer because of their great choice and great prices.

If you want the best 4000 watt generator to suit your budget, you may want to look at the current buyer feedback and discounts available at Amazon.

Visit Amazon for The Best 4000 Watt Generators…

Best 4000 Watt Generators to Buy Online

Best Quality 4000 Watt Generator

There are a variety of 4000 watt generators that you can buy online, however choosing one of the highest quality can be a hard decision for many people unless they know exactly what they are looking for.

If you are spending your hard earned money on a portable 4000 watt generator, then you will want to get the most for your outlay and buy a generator which is going to last you a lifetime.

We have checked many brands and models and have come up with two of the best quality home generators that money can buy.

Both of the generators are rated very highly by buyers and we have also found the cheapest place to buy them from. Read More Here…

4000 Watt Generator Cheap

Most people will want to spend as little money as they possibly can on a portable power generator, and this is completely understandable.

However buying a cheap 4000 watt generator should not be the only consideration. You may save some money initially, but it the long run it can cost you more if the generator is not fuel efficient, or if its components are made from low quality materials.

Nobody wants to spend money on something that is going to start having problems a short time down the road. So although price should be a consideration, so should quality and fuel efficiency.

We have picked 2 of the cheapest 4000 watt generators with a quality build, and which are fuel efficient. For more information on our picks Click Here…

Here’s some comparison of several 4000 watt generator for your choice:

TitleETQ TG32P12 4,000 Watt 7 HP 207cc 4-Cycle OHV Gas Powered Portable GeneratorChampion Power Equipment 46515 4,000 Watt 196cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable GeneratorBriggs & Stratton 30466 4,375 Watt 250cc Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit
BrandEastern Tools & EquipmentChampionBriggs & Stratton
Feature3250 running watts/4000 max watts
ETQ 7HP 4 stroke air cooled OHV engine with low oil shut down
4 gallon fuel tank provides 13 hours of run time at 50% load
Less than 65 db
Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California
3500 watts Rated, 4000 watts Maximum Output. Outlets: 1- 120V Outlet (5-20R), 1 – 120V Twistlock (L5-30R), 1 – RV Receptacle (TT-30R)
Powered by Champion 196cc OHV Engine with Cast Iron Sleeve.
Runs for 12 hours on full tank of gas at 50% load.
Weighs 106-pounds Dimension: 24.2-inch (L) x 18.3-inch (W) x 18.3-inch (H)
Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California
4,375 surge watts/3,500 continuous watts
8-inch flat free tires
Briggs & Stratton 1150 Series OHV Engine
Provides up to 8 hours of run time at 1/2 load
Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California
ManufacturerEastern Tools & EquipmentChampionBriggs and Stratton Power Products
Warranty1 Year limited manufacturer warranty2 Year LimitedTwo year warranty
Height19 inch23 inch22.9 inch
Weight110 pound135 pound
Width20 inch23 inch17.8 inch
Length25 inch33 inch26.1 inch
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
LinkMore InfoMore InfoMore Info

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