Best 2500 Watt Generator Review


Imagine that you are doing some important work on computer but suddenly there is power blackout and you could not complete your work on time. Imagine that you were watching the climax of your favorite movie and just then there is power blackout. All these things really create inconvenience and frustration. Power generators are of great help to overcome such kind of problems.

There is great importance of generators in homes, factories, offices, shops and of course in health industry. Generators convert the mechanical energy that is derived from some external source such as diesel or gasoline into electricity. However it should be noted that generators do not themselves create any electric power rather they convert the form of energy. Generators come in different power ranges.

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2500 watt generators are needed at such places where the power requirements are higher or where the duration of power blackout is more than 8 hours. You can also run computer devices, microwave ovens, small a.cs with the help of 2500 watt generator. A brief description of the various features of 2500 watt generator is as follows:

1. Its maximum output is 2500 watt whereas its continuous output is 1600 watt.
2. Its engine is a four stroke engine. The power of its engine is 3.5HP and it has single cylinder.
3. Its cooling system is air cooled.
4. Its starting system is recoiled.
5. The noise level of this kind of generator is really low. It is just 53-59db when it is one fourth loaded.
6. The normal weight of such kind of generator is 46.3Lbs in dried position.
7. The average tank size is about 1.0 gallon.
8. It can run on an average for about 15 hours when it is loaded one fourth and 4 hours when it is loaded up to its full capacity.
9. It can give DC output when provided with optional cable.
10. The average physical dimensions of such kind of generator areas follows: it is 20” in length; 11.4” in width; and 16.7” in height.
11. It has the property of low oil shut down.
12. It has AC and DC breaker.

2500 watt generators are light in weight and are very easy to handle. But these kinds of generators need regular maintenance. These generators can provide energy continuously for fifteen hours when it is loaded with one fourth of its full capacity in a single tank.

These do not create noise pollution either. The average noise produced by such kind of generators is 59db within the area of 7 meters which is even low than the volume of common speech. These kind of generators are also suitable for sensitive electronic devices such as computers, laptops, fax machine, printer etc. Invest in a 2500 watt generator today.

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