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Best 2000 Watt Inverter Generator


If you are looking for the best 2000 watt inverter generator,  there are some criteria to consider such as the stability of the output, reliability, noise level, fuel consumption and price. Everybody knows that there is no such thing like getting a good-quality product with cheap price. This is true for generator as the components inside the generator are those who determine the quality of the instrument, and good-quality components are not inexpensive.

The most important factor for an inverter generator is the stability of the output power. There is a huge price gap between an inverter generator and a portable generator without an inverter. Inverter generator is intended to supply delicate instrument, which needs a pure sine-wave electricity, like laptop, computer, phone charging, special motor, and other sensitive instrument. However, if you need a generator only to power your light bulb, you do not need an inverter type generator.

How good the inverter produced a constant sine wave (AC) either low load or full load is what really matters. There can be inverter generators who produce a pure sine wave when its load is minimum, but it cannot produce the same when it is hooked to a full load instrument or vice versa. Therefore, you might find that there is a big price difference between a recognized brand and a not so reputable brand.

What is the best 2000 watt inverter generator?

Best 2000 watt inverter generator Yamaha EF2000iS

I found that Yamaha EF2000iS is the best 2000 watt inverter generator in the market nowadays. The big Yamaha brand is not merely an empty name. With their long focused journey in the motor and generator R&D, Yamaha is able to design an innovative inverter system which delivers a cleaner sine-wave output way beyond their competitor.  The inverter is built using an advanced Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) algorithm to make sure that the output is stable with full or fewer loads.

As a safety, the EF2000iS is equipped with a circuit breaker to avoid damage on the generator when it is hooked to a bigger load then its capacity. This is necessary as one might not be aware of the power rating of the instruments they are trying to power up with this generator. Without a good circuit breaker, the generator will be damaged and cost a lot more money to repair or even replaced.

The EF2000iS generator can power multiple delicate instrument running up to 1,600 watt and a maximum surge of 2,000 watt. Running means the wattage needed by your instrument to run constantly after its startup, whereas the surge is the sudden increase of power consumption when an instrument is started-up which lasts for few seconds. Never hook the generator to multiple instruments and start all of them at once. It is wise to start an instrument one by one after a few second to minimize the unexpected surge increased.

If you find that you need a high load  do not hesitate to get a bigger generator. This little fellow has a big brother, Yamaha EF2400iSHC, which is capable of handling a higher load in exchange to a bigger dimension and higher price. The big brother is designed to accommodate 2,000 watt running load and 2,400 watt surge load. Another option is to connect two EF200iS in a parallel connection to double the power rating.

How quiet is the EF2000iS?

By nature, a generator  is a noisy tool. The rotating coil which is the foremost principle of how electricity is generated is also the main source of the noisy factor. Therefore, eliminating the noise in the generator would as well mean eliminating the electricity. An inverter generator works smarter than a traditional generator as it can vary the speed of the rotating depending on the load. This will yield a minor noise and also a lower fuel consumption.

But other inverter generators would also use the same principle, right? I heard your question. Yamaha seems to equipped EF2000iS with Super-quiet muffler with USFS-approved spark arrestor, which make the noise as low as  51.5 dBA at 1/4 load. A 50 dBA sound is less noisy then a normal conversation. Here is a complete chart of different sound level.

Besides the super quiet muffler, this inverter generator also uses a special sound-blocking design, a noise-absorbing glass wool construction, which help dampens noise even during heavy operation. Another sophisticated noise reduction technology is the vibration-isolating feet to keep the noise to a minimum level.

How efficient is the Yamaha 2000 watt inverter generator?

As stated above, an inverter generator is able to dynamically adjust its rotating speed depending on the load. This will yield in the lower power consumption. Yamaha uses a Smart Throttle Load feature s and combines it with their exclusive dual coil alternator stator to reduce the engine speed. The OHV engine is able to run for up to 10.5 hours without refueling when in Economy mode.

Not only it is fuel efficient, Yamaha EF2000iS also very efficient in it shape and dimensions. The ergonomic design and the low 44 lbs weight ease the unit to be carried around without a hassle. It won’t cost you a lot of space as the dimension is only 19.3 x 11 x 17.9 inch, just like an old day briefcase.

Yamaha EF2000iS Review

This unit has the most positive feedback from the user in Amazon. 73 out of 87s user give it a five star rating, and the average rating is 4.7  out of five stars. It seems that I’m not the only one who love this little baby. Click here to read how others are saying of this generator. Have I mentioned that Yamaha offers three years warranty for this unit? Yes, you hear me right. Three-year warranty not just one year backup. Before you rush and decide to buy this item, I would highly advise you to take a moment and compare the price first and get lowest price whenever it is possible.

Click Here to compare the price of Yamaha EF2000iS.

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