Best 12000 Watt Generator Review


Why would you need a 12000 Watt Generator?

In recent times there have been power outages in different parts of the world and on 29th June there was a major power outage in many parts of the United States of America. The rapid development around the world has often neglected nature and as a result the natural calamities have become more frequent than ever. There have been massive earthquakes, Tsunamis and hurricanes in different parts of the world in the last decade. These calamities or outbursts of nature lead to power outages that last for many hours and at times days. A 12000 Watt generator can be useful in such circumstances and can be a crucial life saver in many cases.

In early July this year, the capital of USA faced a power outage for more than 2 days due to a violent storm. This came as a rude shock for many as one of the most developed countries in the world was not able to confront the situation better. More than 40000 people were left powerless causing great hardships in different parts.

The northern part of the country has always been more vulnerable to these natural calamities due to its geographical location but that in no way means that the other parts would never encounter such power outages.

Other power outages in the country in recent times were:

  • 2010: Blizzards in North-eastern USA caused major power outages in Washington
  • 2011: Power outages in Texas followed by Hurricane Irene. A snowstorm in the eastern parts of USA led to many people living powerless for many hours.
  • 2012: Thunderstorms across USA led to power-outages that cut off power from more than a million homes.

All these instances highlight the importance of having a generator to deal with emergencies and avoid further consequences.

The capacity of the generator will decide the functions it can carry out. A 12000 Watt generator is enough for you to run an entire house. Depending on the different appliances and the usage at home, one can safely assume that for a standard household, the 12000 Watt generator can handle everything and still have some power to spare. The 12000 Watt generator, if portable can be perfect for job-sites as well as it can act as a source of power supply for equipments like drills and other machines that are found near job sites. There is enough power and a large number of plugs in a generator to be able to run these equipments without being over loaded.

A 12000 Watt generator is ideal for those households which face power outage problems as it can run an entire household for about 2 days if it has been fully charged before the outage. The 12000 Watt generators can also be used in parks and gathering or meeting rooms.

These generators can also light up assembly halls and small functions in your back-yard. The utility and concept of a 12000 Watt generator is that it can run the process of an entire household without a break and it can also help you do tough jobs like sawing, drilling and cutting near job sites. A generator of this capacity is great for homes, site managers and also for party organizers and associations

What are the types of 12000 Watt Generators?

There are two major criteria by which we can differentiate the different generators available in the market. A portable and stand-by generator are sold as two different variants of the same machine and the method in which these generators are fuelled is another differentiating factor between them.

  • Stand-By Generators: At times there are processes which just should not break due to a power failure. It could be an important work related document you are working on, on your computer at home or it could be a crucial moment like an operation in a hospital. During such times one just cannot afford a power cut or loss of electricity as the risk involved is very high. A stand-by inverter senses a power cut and automatically transfers the load of the circuit onto itself and keeps the circuits running. The stand-by inverter makes sure that there is no loss to the users if they are between some important work and the day to day processes can continue as they are. The generator is thus a wonderful concept and a 12000 Watt electric generator will keep your lights, equipments and appliances running without interruption. Even if there is a power cut you would never know as the appliances connected to the inverter will keep running as they were. When the main power supply is back, the generator again makes sure that they receive supply from the main source and cuts the supply coming from its own power. Specially generated codes are used for the generators to run in case of high-risk systems such as elevators and medical appliances. Residential generators are however more common and help back up household appliances.
  • Portable Generators: Also referred to as Engine generators, these can be carried around for use on trips or for outdoor functions and chores. These generators are very useful if the work to be done is at a place where finding a power supply is very difficult. The 12000 Watt generator can come in handy when dealing with such a situation as it has many sockets which can be used to operate multiple appliances at the same time. This generator can be carried around easily and thus you can make a home like atmosphere even on camping trips and places where there is no power supply. The portable generators have an engine apart from a locomotive engine together called as a generator. The generator thus can move to place along with you. Portable generators can vary in size and form. Their size varies according to the power packed in the generator and can be used for purposes ranging from work at construction sites to running a music system on a camping trip.

The other differentiator between generators is the fuel used to run these generators. One most occasions either natural gas or propane is used as the fuel to keep the generator running. A 12000 Watt generator can run on an average for 8 hours if the load is about 50% in case of natural gas. Propane may edge out natural gas in performance but the difference is not a major one. There is an attempt to make generators run on fuel that does not give out emissions that harm the environment. But currently the most common fuels remain propane and Natural gas. The oil tanks of different capacities hold the fuel and on an average the 12000 Watt generator will hold about 40 ounces of fuel at a time. A 12000 watt generator is heavy and the weight is around 300 pounds. Thus the generator when completely filled with fuel is heavy duty equipment and thus one can use it as a stand-by or an engine generator.

Can you afford to buy a 12000 Watt Generator?

If you have always wanted a generator for your household or for your business and have refrained from ordering one due to the high cost, then its time you reassess the purchase. There are many websites where you can get the best possible deals on the different generators available in the market and the transaction will be very beneficial to you. You will end up being the ultimate winner and save a lot of cash if you buy your generator online. There are a lot of choices and many brands have put up their generators online so that users from across the globe can assess their options and make comparisons before buying the best generator. The price of a 12000 Watt generator on an average is around $3000, but if you wish to get a generator for a lot less than that then click on the link below and look for the best deal available. You can get the best generators at the most reasonable price on the link mentioned below.

So can you afford a 12000 Watt generator? The answer to this question is a big Yes and all thanks to the wonders of the internet. The internet has made the sales of many items very competitive and thus the prices have come within the grasp of many. A generator can be very helpful in times of need and it does not consume a lot of fuel either. Considering the price factors and the usefulness of these generators it would be a good decision to opt for a generator as it will pay for itself in a few years.


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