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Power cuts are becoming a part of our routines. Blackouts or power cuts means sitting in the dark, staying without an air conditioner or a radiator, not being able to continue your work, food going bad in the refrigerator and not being able to heat up food in the microwave or on your induction. With a lot of electricity being consumed but lot less being produced, power cuts can be often at your house.

But with a generator, your home can be supplied with electricity, specially the essential electrical appliances. Generators are the perfect backup for power cuts that can provide your home with electricity. Generators with lesser watts can be sufficient for a few essential appliances, while generators with higher watts can provide energy for pretty much all appliances in your house. You can make use of generators for not only backup reasons but also as an additional energy that your electricity source might not be able to produce.

Generators are usually costly but they’re a great investment. You don’t have to worry about power cuts again as generators takes care of supplying electricity to your house. We have identified the top 3 generators that can be a perfect fit for your home. On an average, a 10000 watt generator can be ideal for most of the homes. These generators have a different design, usage type and different features. But all 3 can solve the electricity problem for you. So take a look at the best 3 generators and never let your house be in the dark again.

Top 3 generators in the market today

1. DuroMax 10000 watt portable generator

DuroMax 10000 watt portable generator

This model manufactured by DuroMax is a gas powered generator. You can get about 10 hours of run time with 8.3 gallon tank of fuel. When the oil is running out, the generator can shut itself off automatically. You can start the generator using its electricity start that runs on battery or the single pull recoil cord.

It has a 16.0 horsepower air-cooled OHV engine which produced constant energy worth 8000 watts and can reach the peak of 10000 watts. This is an EPA approved generator which makes it extremely reliable and safe to use anywhere. The exclusive RV switch function lets you choose the voltage for the operation and the voltage meter allows you to monitor the output. This generator has the potential to run almost all your household electrical appliances, but is commonly used for workplaces that involve electricity based work. It has a quiet operation and an advanced automatic voltage regulator. This generator is portable and the wheels make it easier for you move it around.

2. Hoteche 10000 watt generator

Hoteche 10000 watt generator

Hoteche generator runs on a 414CC OHV 4-cycle gas. The run time for the specified amount of tank of gas is approximately 15 hours and provides a 50 amp output. The generator produces 8000 watts of constant energy with the potential of maximum 10000 watts. It can handle overload and can run under higher current loads. It also has standard 20 or 30 amp twist locks. The generator starts with electric or easy recoil pull start. The battery for powering electric start is provided in the kit for free, along with wheels and handles.

This EPA approved generator is recommended for larger wattage usage and higher current appliances. The wheels and handles can enable you move the generator around for easy usage of specific appliances or you can even take it to connect to your workplace which requires a higher watts output. The generator runs very quietly, has rechargeable batteries and you can do a customized selection of the voltage usage and can start or switch it off very easily.

3. Sportsman 10000 watt generator

Sportsman 10000 watt generator

This gasoline-powered 10000 watt generator is manufactured by Sportsman and can run on 50% load for approximately 8 hours with 8 gallon gas tank. It produced 7000 watts energy constantly and can reach up to 10000 watts. This generator can be used with the recoil pull start feature or you can install a motorcycle battery to add the feature of electrical start. The generator shuts down automatically when on low oil as well as has an alarm that goes off indicating shortage of oil. The operating noise is under 77 db which doesn’t cause trouble at all.

This generator is ideal as a backup in cases of power cuts and can be taken along for camping to generate electricity. It is easily portable due to the wheels provided along with the generator. It can even run for days for essential appliances during and after hurricanes. The generator is EPA approved.

Although these 3 generators have the same purpose of generating electricity while you need it, they serve different purposes for different needs. Certain differences in their design, mechanism and energy output can help you determine the type of generator you require. We have attempted to draw a comparison between these 3 top products so that you can have an easy decision making process.

Here is the comparison between various features of generators

DuroMax 10000 watt portable generator Reviews
  • DuroMax
  • Rating: 4.2
  • Reviews: 166
  • You save: $427.14 (30%)
  • Shipping: Free Shipping
  • Fuel type
  • Size
    40 x 29 x 27.5 inches
  • Weight
    129 pounds
Hoteche 10000 watt generator Reviews
  • Hoteche
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Reviews: 2
  • You save: $0
  • Shipping: $129.49 shipping
  • Fuel type
  • Size
    not provided
  • Weight
    250 pounds
Sportsman 10000 watt generator Reviews
  • Sportsman
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Reviews: 4
  • You save: $676.09 (34%)
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • Fuel type
    Gasoline powered
  • Size
    36.5 x 28.2 x 26.5 inches
  • Weight
    198 pounds

What are generators?

A generator is equipment that converts mechanical energy into electricity. It provides energy to power grids. A generator can produce and provide electricity to homes in cases of power cuts or even certain jobsites where electricity might be required for certain tasks. The generator can use gas, gasoline, coal or even diesel fuel to run. Basically, using a power resource, the generator can create electricity on a small or a large scale. Some generators start working automatically to provide electricity in cases of blackouts, while the others have to be manually lugged into your appliances to produce electricity for a particular purpose.

Generators are always a good investment to make sure your essential appliances don’t shut off when there is power outage. You can keep continuing your work and even leisure when you are not worried about having no electricity.

Why 10000 watts generators?

Various generators have a different power output. Some are high wattage while the others are low wattage. But 10000 watts generators usually are ideal to provide power to your entire household appliances. Certain 10000 watts generators can also handle an overload of certain appliances and can run them efficiently for a certain amount of time, based on the manufacturer.

Why should you buy a generator?

With the power cuts being more irregular and unpredictable, you can never foresee when you would be sitting in the dark or for how long the power would be out. Having a generator makes it easy for you keep running certain appliances in your house that are necessary, like a refrigerator, air conditioner or heater, induction, microwave and in some cases, computers. You need a generator to always keep your power running.

1. Emergency backup

A generator will produce electricity for your house when there is a power outage. As soon as the electricity supply to your apartment goes off, the generator can auto start and provide with electricity without any interruption. If the power is gone for a long time, the refrigerated items can go bad; the constant supply made by the generation in the absence of electricity can prevent that from happening. Certain elders living in hotter regions need an air conditioner to breathe properly. A larger generator can keep it running in cases of power outage. Or it can even support a heater for cold regions. You don’t need to wait until the power is back to use your electric induction for cooking. If work from home, your computer can keep running, your phone can be charged and you don’t need to stop anything that you’re doing.

2. Electrical supply for certain worksites

Certain tasks need to be done at worksites which require electricity as a basic necessity. If the cables and wiring isn’t set up in that area, a generator can do the needful. As it is battery and fuel operated, you can directly plug it to the instruments you wish to use and it can produce electricity. In such cases portable generators are used in order to move them around from one instrument to the other.

3. Camping companion

A portable generator can serve as a camping companion if you’re going to places with no electricity, the generator can be of great help in providing electricity for certain necessary tasks. You don’t have to run out of phone battery or lights or even heat.

4. Extreme conditions

There are a lot of areas affected by hurricanes, extreme weather conditions and natural disasters. In such cases, the first thing that happens is power cut. A generator can literally save you in such cases as it provides you with necessary electricity to sustain.

How to purchase the right one?

A generator being a good investment is also a costly one at the same time. Generators are quite costly and you have to be extremely sure of which generator you need to buy as you’d be spending a lot of money.

1. Your power usage

Find out information about the amount of electric power usage every appliance in your home consumes. Once you figure that out, depending on what all appliances you would like to run on the generator can determine the voltage and wattage you need for your generator. If you want to run all your appliances, you will need a higher wattage generator. But if there are a few appliances, calculate their consumption to determine the maximum output your generation needs to provide. Go for the generator slightly higher than your need to be on the safer side.

2. Fuel type

A generator runs on fuel resources. Every generator will need a specific amount of fuel regularly. You should check which fuel works most efficiently for the kind of output quantity you need. The combination of two would then lead to choosing an economical out of them.

3. Run time

Along with the output and fuel type, the run time of a generation is an extremely important aspect. You need something can provide electricity for long hours. The run time also depends on the fuel type, so looking into that combination is necessary.

4. Pricing

Every generator is a costly affair. First of all decide your budget. Then you just need to combine all your above needs and look for something that also fits in your budget. Going for the cheapest one would be the natural reaction. But before that, you should know the specifications and the features of a generator. Only if they match your requirements, you should consider buying it.

Where to buy one from?

Generators are easily available in the market today. If you ask your electrician, he might be able to help you with options. You need to make sure you are buying the generator from a reliable place and that won’t have any malfunction after purchase. Online shopping sites like have collaborated with best of the brands and have made these products available on offers and discounts, which can help you save money. They provide a large number of variety and quantity of generators with different features making it super easy to find the perfect fit. They offer free shipping, and shipping at minimum cost in some cases. You get a warranty from their side and you don’t have to worry about quality as they’re associated with only good brands.


Investing on a good quality generator is a great idea for your home, small business set up or odd jobs on worksites. You will be provided with electricity whenever you want, wherever you want and you can run whatever you want on it. A great way to enjoy uninterrupted supply of electricity for essential reasons as well as recreational activities is possible via generator and we think this investment is necessary today.

The top 3 10000 watt generators mentioned above are picked because of their quality and functionality. They can fulfill your requirement of back up or additional energy for an average home and worksite. We hope you find the information helpful in order to purchase the most suitable generator.


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