Best 1000 Watt Generator Review


1000 watt generator is a device that is used in case of power blackout. Generators can be either portable or stand by. Portable generators are versatile and can be used at home for emergency need. These can also be used at remote areas where power is unavailable or it can be used for recreational activities such as boating and camping.

Portable generators need gasoline or diesel as fuel. On the other hand a stand by generator is installed permanently at our home or commercial place. It is directly wired into the electrical system so as to provide power to the circuits that we wish to operate with the help of generator.

These kinds of generators need liquid propane or natural gas as fuel. The number of circuits and the number of appliances that a generator can run depends upon the power capacity of the generators. The detailed description of 1000 watt generator is as follows:

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1. It has the maximum output of 1000 watt and continuous output of 950 watt.
2. It has engine of power 64cc 2 HP. It is a two stroke engine. Its cooling system is air cooled and starting system is recoil start.
3. It takes gas and oil in the ratio of 50:1 as fuel.
4. Its voltage/frequency is 120V/60 Hz.
5. It runs at the speed of 3600 rpm.
6. Its AC current is 8.3 Amps and DC current is 12V/10Amps.
7. It has fuel tank capacity of 1.2 gallon and its minimum fuel consumption is 0.14 gallon/hr.
8. Its noise level is 65 decibels.
9. It can run for maximum 8 hours at a stretch.
10. Its physical dimensions are; length is 16”, width is 13”, and height is 14”. It has weight of 46 Lbs.

The 1000 watt generator is used at the places where the power blackouts are of small duration and the need for power is also small. It is best suited for homes. It can run various small electronic devices. The examples of such kind of devices are light, fan, radio, Toaster etc. If it is run on full capacity then it can give power for 4 hours. However this duration can be increased when we require lesser output.

1000 watt generators are however light weight and are easy to use. These are also not that much noisy. These are also environment safe because these release less toxicant in the environment. Handling of these generators is easy and their maintenance cost is also very low.

1000 watt generators are ideal for small outdoors or at small homes provided that the power blackouts are small in duration. However we must keep in mind the maximum load capacity of the generators while using them because using a 1000 watt generator at higher load may cause damage also.


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