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The image that is created by clothing and accessories is an inherent part of modern man. Each of us tends to stand out from the crowd, makes the difference with something special and unique. Household sewing machine is a great opportunity to create exclusive things with own hands!

Modern sewing equipment is significantly different from that to which our grandmothers used to. Fortunately, science and technological progress does not stand still. Today domestic sewing machines allow to realize your any fantasy, even without special skills and experience. A lot of literature, books, as well as online publications will teach sewing almost everybody else.

Why do you need a sewing machine? The principle of operation of all machines in one, but they all have their own characteristics. Sewing machines are divided into three types: electromechanical, computerized and embroidery machines. The first type includes inexpensive models that are simple enough to manage. Computerized machines have much more features, but their price can bite. The third type speaks for itself, they can be used for sewing, embroidering, perform decorative patterns or seams.

Special attention must be paid to BERNINA Swiss company. Retaining capacities in Switzerland, BERNINA is probably the only company that actually produces sewing machines in Europe! Even if BERNINA sewing machines were made ​​by a third-party companies, they were tested at the factory setting in Switzerland. Expensive flagship models are produced in Switzerland from “the first screw”. Special models are produced in Taiwan, but all products are checked and adjusted at the Swiss factory assembly line. This leads to the excellent quality and the almost complete lack of service claims for any BERNINA sewing machines. They use all the latest technologies and innovations in the design and manufacture of sewing techniques. The quality is under the full control of the company and is the same for any product, no matter if it is produced in Japan, China or Taiwan.

 Each model has much to offer: numerous features and attractive robust design that will appeal to users of all ages. BERNINA handles the quality control and ensures a high standard of performance. This allows to provide the creative customers with the bernette series at an excellent price.

The construction of all models has constructive continuity regardless of different body shapes. There are: key to reversing the sewing head, sewing operations are derived by switch, housing on the right side plate, etc. The sewing operations table can be applied inside of the top cover, under which there are thread hidden controls, bobbin winder and spool socket. For user convenience, a double markup line of centimeters and inches can be applied at the face of the machine.

Why do you need a sewing machine with a powerful engine? With its powerful engine you can easily sew dense and thin fabrics. It provides excellent quality seams and speed you want. And in all cases the engine is almost inaudible …

The dimensions and the distance from the needle to the right column are virtually identical in all models, although it is difficult to assess visually due to a completely different body shapes of sewing machines. BERNINA Bernette is done in a futuristic black and white colors with a fully hidden governments, regulators and thread conductors. This design established itself very well as it is impossible to catch a thread or tape the material for projecting parts of the sewing machine accidentally.

For fans asking about plastic replacement parts of sewing machines, there is a report: the housing of high quality plastic hides behind completely metal frame which contains all the elements of a drive of the sewing machine, made of steel and metal. This is a fundamental guarantee of a quality work and a long life of BERNINA sewing machines.

It should be noted that different series have absolutely different models of sewing machines, they seem to complete and extend the choice of a suitable model specially for you by the number of lines, type of hook and loop embodiment.

There is an extra convenience for users: all BERNINA sewing machines are equipped with the needle threader, which simplifies threading of the needle.

The attached devices and the required set of instruments are included: pedal cover, manual detailed instruction and warranty certificate for 2 years warranty. Supplied presser feet provide the ability to perform all stitches available in the arsenal of the sewing machine.

Bernina Bernette Rome 3 Sewing Machineis perfect for the occasional sewer. This is a fuss-free, powerful sewing machine for high expectations and modest budgets. It is ideal for beginners: the Bernette Rome 3 with CB hook boasts infinitely variable stitch width up to 5mm. It comes with 13 stitch patterns, 10 practical stitches, one buttonhole, and two decorative stitches. With variable stitch width, an automatic needle threader and more stitches than ever before, it’s a snap to achieve beautiful results. It offers quality performance and great look at an affordable price.

Bernina Bernette London 5 Sewing Machine offers an extensive array of creative possibilities and can handle almost all types of material. In particular, it’s integrated drop feed makes it a good choice if you enjoy freehand embroidery or quilting. The Bernette London 5’s automatic needle threader makes it easy to get started, while the automatic tension keeps the stitches regular. The Bernette London 5 has 28 stitches, a twin needle for decorative stitching and a 1-step buttonhole for easy sewing of buttonholes. The reverse button is also useful when you need to reinforce a stitch. With a manual width adjustment and a thread cutter for neat finishing, the Bernette London 5 makes a good choice for anyone who wants to extend their sewing skills. For each model of the Bernette London series, there are 6 stickers with London related designs that can be simply applied to the machine.

Sewing Machine 404 Electronic.This one is not just a quilting machine but a brilliant “all rounder” suitable for beginner or more experienced alike! The memory function is great, it allows you to program in a combination of stitches, you chose what and where you want!
It has twin needle capabilities, comes with an extra spool holder, a whole host of useful feet, threads, extra bobbins, needles etc. It comes with hard cover and built-in accessory box. There are 170 stitches for quilting and regular sewing. It is fully electronic and computerized, with up to 6mm alphabet. You will have free extra accessories + £150.00worth. There are 13 complimentary feet including: walking foot, side cutter cut & sew foot attachment, zig-zag, overlocker, buttonhole, button sewing, zipper, satin stitch, blind hem, straight stitch, narrow hemmer, cording and free hand embroidery foot. It has full 1 year warranty. “Quick Reference Easy Step by Step Instructions” is newly added.

Bernina Computerized Sewing Machine Bernette 20 is designed for more advanced sewers. It comes with 60 stitch patterns, 10 types of 1-step buttonhole, horizontal drop-in bobbin system, needle threader. On the inside of the lid you’ll also find a clear chart displaying all of the bernette 20’s stitches, letting you select the right stitch for your sewing project in no time flat. It is also equipped with start/stop, automatic lock stitch and needle up/down functions and sliding speed control. You can sew light and heavy fabrics as well.

Bernina 1008S Sewing Machine is the last purely mechanical sewing machine in the BERNINA range, and has been a bestseller for decades. It is extremely easy to use, it features the outstanding BERNINA stitch quality, infinitely adjustable stitch length and width, slim free-arm, feed-dog drop and a robust metal housing. This makes the 1008 a practical, fully-fledged companion for sewing garments, gifts and accessories, as well as for quilting. It has classic Swiss design with metal construction. It is a favorite of schools & colleges. 10 Year parts & labor warranty is offered for this one.


  1. I’m afraid I would beg to differ with your report regarding the Bernette 20 made by Bernina. These machines are cheaply made and are, quite honestly, not worth paying for. I have sewn for nearly 50 years and this machine is simply the worst. It has been back to the repair shop at least three times in the two years I’ve had it and apparently there is ‘nothing wrong with it’. I guess nothing wrong means that it will suddenly start stitching backwards….it means the thread won’t stay in the take up lever… means the thread tension cannot be changed. I could go on (and could write a book with the issues this thing has had). Needless to say Bernina, and Bernette in particular, is manufacturing machines of questionable quality.


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