The Benefits of Drinking Water That Is Pure


With so many “health” drinks on the market, the benefits of drinking water is often forgotten. Probably water is relatively cheap, people discount how beneficial it is to their overall health.

The very make up of our bodies suggest that not consuming adequate amounts of water could have health implications.

Roughly 70% of our body weight is water. Our bones are 22% water, blood around 82% water and our brain and muscles, around 75% water and our liver, 96% water.

Just about every function within your body, including healing, and maintaining youthfulness and longevity, requires an adequate intake of water.

So how much water should you drink? The general rule of rule of thumb is, for every 50 pounds of your body weight, drink one quart of water daily.

One of the most crucial thing your body does is to use water to detoxify itself. You buildup toxins within your body through the air you breathe, your food and drink. Toxins in the body is linked to many of the degenerative illnesses society faces, like cancers and Alzheimer’s.

Having clean drinking water is therefore essential to good health. The tap water you consume, already contains many of the toxins that your body is trying to rid itself of. This puts added pressure on your liver and kidneys and could cause these organs not to work optimally.

You could give your body a helping hand by acquiring a whole house water filter. This would eliminate high amounts of the chemicals found in your drinking water and save you money on bottled water, which incidentally, is not as safe as you might think. Get more bottle water facts.

Water also carries essential nutrients to your cells. The nutrients you get from food and supplements need water to transfer it from the intestines to the blood stream.

Since sugars and carbohydrates are more rapidly absorbed by water, constant dehydration can result in you getting the calories but little of the good nutrients you need. (think weigh gain) Therefore, if you’re trying to lose weight, drinking adequate amounts of water is a great for your diet. Read more about healthy water and weight loss.

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Water helps to keep your skin younger and more healthy too.Drinking adequate water hydrates the skin and reduces the chances of fine lines and wrinkles appearing too soon. A quality shower water filter is a fantastic tool in the quest for healthy skin. Read more about clean water and skin health.

No doubt about it, the health benefits of drinking water that is pure, is overwhelming. And even washing your face and bathing in healthy water is good too.

The only way to get pure water in your home and is to get a quality water filter.

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