Bench Cushions


One of the main problems when it comes to benches is that you tend to grow uncomfortable when you have sat or laid on them for a long while. Your bottom start to hurt from their hard surface and you may develop cramps soon after. Your back is not safe too from long sitting-time aches brought by hard-surfaced benches, particularly when you are reclining in them. Fortunately, there are now remedies for this discomfort: bench cushions. These pillow-like additions to the traditional all wooden, metal or plastic benches would surely be a welcomed relief to bench aficionados out there.

Aside from the comfort that these cushions add to your bench, they are also helpful in protecting the surface of the chair. The added layer could protect the bench surface from getting stained, scratched, cut or from the other attacks of wear and tear. You can easily replace the cushions if they get stained or dirty, which would definitely be cheaper than buying a new bench piece.

A cushion would also help in reducing or increasing the temperature in the bench whenever you sit or lie on it. For example, if you have a metal bench outdoor during summer, the surface might get hot from the sunlight exposure. A cushion may protect your body from direct contact with the metal surface and thus allow you to still enjoy lounging around in your metal bench even during the height of the summer sun. On the other hand, cushions would also help maintain the heat during colder days, particularly for the wooden benches.

When choosing a cushion for your outdoor bench, one of the foremost factors to consider is the type of the cushion’s fabric. Outdoor bench cushions should withstand the weather and other external elements, such as constant exposure to sunlight, rain moisture and dust. Though most cushions for outdoor benches are made to be thin and easy to be air-dried, the fabric that the materials are made of still play a large role in achieving durability and resistance to the weather. Bench cushion fabrics could include cotton, silk, canvas, suede or polyester. The durable type of polyester is said to be one of the best fabric to be used as cushion for outdoor benches. You can always ask for professional opinions or recommendations from some well-experienced homeowners regarding this aspect.

Regarding aesthetics, cushions for benches can come in different colors and styles. They also come in different sizes and shape, all to match the theme of your patio or garden furniture set. You can also request for customized ones if you are willing to pay for a little bit of extra price.

You can easily find bench cushions from the furniture shops near you, particularly the ones that specialize in benches and other types of chair models. For easier access to a wider set of choices, however, the Internet would be the best place to go. Most furniture stores are now catering to online showrooms, anyway. You can start your research there.


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