BELLA 13330 12-Piece Rocket Blender Review


If you’d like to live a simpler life and improve your nutrition by eating great tasting green smoothies, you’ll be able to do that the Bella 13330. This blender is among the simplest you’ll ever encounter; it’s affordable and can handle your favorite fruits, vegetables and coffee beans.

BELLA 13330 12-Piece Rocket Blender Review

It won’t be hard for you to make those great tasting smoothies and then drink them directly from the blending cup without having to pour them over. The Bella was designed to help you make smoothies for you and your friends/family quickly without having to deal with a large mess afterwards.

The BELLA 13330 Is Well Worth The Money
There are lots of promotions going on for the 13330 (like it’s not affordable enough!) if you’re lucky to get one. We’ve heard stories of people getting even 50% off the current price. No matter where you get it and at what price, it’s really a worthy investment.

If you pay a lot of attention and value your nutrition, you probably looked into the different blenders and the Magic Bullet in particular. The Bella produces very similar results to it with the exception of it being cheaper.

We found it works well, although we didn’t get the chance to use it over an extended period. Looking at official review sites the likes of Amazon we noticed that the reviews were mostly mixed as some people loved theirs until it stopped working a couple of months later. It’s easy to tear apart for the washing though.

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Literally Make Everything With It
We ran some tests and came up with great tasting smoothies. We managed to these smoothies time after time (from nutritious green vegetables,) crushed ice with it and used it to make sauces. We even tried out how it works for grinding and especially spices.

This machine is very versatile because you can use it for all these different purposes and not have to break the bank while you’re at it. You’ll be thrilled with your purchase as there’s very little you can’t do with it.

Extremely Sharp Blades
There are two blades it’s equipped with (stainless steel) and you can put together your favorite ingredients to make a smoothie. It’s very sharp so you’ll have to be careful not to play around with it or let you children touch it as the blades can cut through hard vegetables like cakewalk. Even if you want to grind harder foods like nuts or spices you’ll be able to do that. Some reviewers say it’s their favorite coffee grinder.

If you want to start using it all you have to do is attach a blade of your selection to a single blending cup that came with it. Then you just lock it in and press a button. If you’re not a fan of maintenance you’d be glad to know that there’s not a lot of cleaning to do, it’s an easy process and all the parts are dishwasher safe.

BELLA 13330 12-Piece Rocket Blender

What You’ll Be Getting
There are three blending cups (short and tall), the standard motor base, a separate grinding blade, reusable lids, shaker lids and a step by step guide. They’ve even included some recipes to get you started if you have no prior experience but want to get in the hang of it quick.

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