Becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer


The career of a personal fitness trainer can be quite profitable. Your job is to make sure your clients are motivated to stick with their exercise program without getting bored. One way that a personal fitness trainer can do that is by creating different plans for each of their clients. This ensures that the individual plans are geared to the needs and tastes of each client.

If becoming a personal fitness trainer sounds like something you would enjoy, there are some things you should know before jumping in head first. These include:

• Starting Costs: Depending on the location of where you’ll be working, this amount can range from $100 to $5,000.

• Loan Sources: If you need to take out a loan to get your personal fitness training business off the ground, consider starting with your own bank or credit union. If that doesn’t work, try the Small Business Administration or ask your family members for a loan.

• Advertising and Marketing: This may be the most expensive thing you do but if you don’t get the word out there, you’ll have no business. Look at making a business website, printing up business cards, Yellow Page advertising and newspaper advertising. Eventually, you’ll benefit from word of mouth advertising, which is the best kind and also free.

• Necessary Equipment: There are some things that you’ll need such as a CD player, TV, DVD player, jump ropes, ankle and wrist weights, exercise mats and exercise balls among other things. Check out the Ab Circle Pro Review to see if that will help you as well. You’ll also need a cell phone, voice mail, and brochures about your business.

• Needed Training and Skills: Check into Nesta, which is an association that ensures training and certification of personal fitness instructors. Things you need to know are athletic training, nutrition and sports psychology.

• Potential Income: A successful and high trained personal fitness trainer can make $20,000 to $80,000 annually.

• Know your Target Market: These will be athletes, professionals or simply those that want to get in shape for themselves or because they’ve been to by their doctors.

One last thing to remember is that people who haven’t exercised recently need to have a doctor’s release so that you don’t get into any trouble if something happens to them in your care.Similar Articles


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