Hi there! I suppose you’re wanting to find out if the BaubleBox site is legitimate and if it’s safe to make purchase transactions from the site. Because we want to keep our readers from scammers and predators on the net, we made sure to delve into the site. Here you’ll find out what it actually is, what it offers, how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, plus real user reviews to help you determine whether or not it’s worth trying out.

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What Is BaubleBox?

BaubleBox is a daily deal site for discount jewelry. The company works directly with a network of brand designers and manufacturers in order to offer members excellent value at unbelievably low prices. Items range from rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, to various accessories like iPhone cases, passport holders, and clutches.

A brainchild of two design-minded entrepreneurs Donald Lee and Mishal Mies who envisioned the concept of BaubleBox in 2008, the site was eventually launched in 2010 but only attained significant reputation late 2012 when daily deal sites became all the rage.
According to the company, all their items go through a rigorous 8-point quality control inspection due to the desire of bringing only the finest quality to its members although what they are selling are cheap jewelry online.

How Does It Work?

Sets of new jewelry deals are introduced in the site everyday at midnight EST, Mondays to Fridays. Sales last for a week and are removed completely afterward. Sale prices go up to 90% off retail and if that is not enough, the site also offers additional savings on special occasions.

If you sign up for membership you are entitled to receive a piece of jewelry that will be shipped free to your doorstep. The gifts you will receive are based on the details you sent in to the Style Profile after you have signed up.

One of the perks of your membership is earning credits when someone you invite to BaubleBox makes a purchase. The more you invite then, the more chances of getting new pieces of jewelry. Your account profile details the names of members you invite, the date they joined, the amount of purchases, and the credits you earn for each.

BaubleBox also has the highly coveted daily $1 mystery box which is actually worth over $40. Only 50 mystery boxes are offered each day and they mystery item is replenished at a random time every day.


  • Affordable prices. Beautifully designed pieces of cheap jewelry are no longer hard to find. You can wear elegant looking pieces without the fear of getting them stolen or lost. If they get lost, you can still afford to buy more!
  • Great selection of jewelry. There is always something for every style and occasion. Items are great for gifts too.
  • Shopping convenience. Who would have thought you can literally enjoy jewelry shopping from the convenience of your own home?
  • Sneak Peek. You can get a preview of what is going to be on sale in the next few days. Although you cannot see the details yet, you will have an idea what to watch out for.
  • Good reputation. For a young company, it is quite impressive that the site has already garnered tons of positive feedback from customers in terms of product quality and service. Most reviews (samples on the next page) reveal that the company ships fast and people are happy with their purchases.


  • Items may look different from the pictures on the site. Although lots of customers are saying the pieces of jewelry look even better than the photos on the site.
  • You may get the wrong sizes. You have to make sure you know your size as you cannot try the pieces.
  • Buying from BaubleBox can be addicting. With very affordable prices and jewelry that looks so real, you will find it difficult to resist it. You can easily get hooked on it.

Real User Reviews

I gathered a few snippets from BaubleBox Facebook Page where many of its customers have posted their feedback. Surprisingly, it is difficult to find a negative comment.

This one comes from a loyal customer…

Quality and service beyond expectation…

Is It Too Good To Be True?

Based on real user reviews, it is obvious that the BaubleBox daily deal site is making customers very happy and satisfied with their purchases. The company ships fast and based on my research, customer service responds to customer queries promptly.

Although it is clear that the site is legitimate, I still checked how it scores on sites verifying website authenticity and found that BaubleBox garnered a Trust Score of 100%.


Having established the site’s status and customers’ general opinion, you can now start shopping for beautiful discount jewelry for yourself or surprise your loved ones with gifts right from your computer.

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