Battery Heated Socks


Have you ever been out in the cold where your feet have become so numb that you’ve lost feeling? Well that is a close call with frost bite my friend. But it doesn’t have to be like that if you have a pair of battery heated socks. If you saw our article on battery heated gloves then you’ll know why we love these types of clothing. But let’s examine these in more detail.

Battery heated socks are designed to keep your feet warm. If your feet are warm, there is a good chance the rest of your body will be too. Keeping your feet warm will help keep the circulation going and your body in itself will be generating even more heat by the extra work. If you allow your body to get a bit too cold, the natural process is for blood to be kept to the core of the body keeping the organs insulated. But with our battery heated socks we can kind of confuse the body and keep pumping that blood everywhere. When we are warm, we are more active. The colder we become, the more likely it is we are just going to sit down and shiver. Can you see my logic here?

Now some people prefer to wear them on their own. But I like to wear them with another pair of socks inside. This not only helps keep them new, but it gives an extra layer between you and the heating elements. Or if you prefer, you can check out heated slippers which will give the same effect for use at home.

Battery heated socks are designed to take a D sized battery. You can get rechargeable batteries that will work just fine. The battery holder itself is usually at the top of the sock. However, some styles will allow a connection up to a battery belt holder. This may be more convenient since you may feel the weight of the battery tugging on your sock. There are sock systems that use AA batteries. But who really wants to worry about of that? Now depending on the battery and your use of these socks, the amount of time you get out of them is going to vary. You may get anywhere from 2 to 10 hours on a single charge.

These are going to be difficult to find at your local store, so your best bet is to pick up a pair online. A good pair of battery heated socks shouldn’t cost more than $30. And believe me, they are worth it. I’ve thanked my lucky stars the batteries lasted during the cold ice fishing season.

As with everything else in today’s world, battery heated socks are continuing to evolve year by year. Once you try a pair of battery heated socks, I doubt you will ever forget to put them on during those cold days.


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