Battery Heated Gloves


Cold Weather, regarless of what time of the year, is literally a pain.

Keeping your hands from the freezing cold weather is important no matter what you’re doing. How many times have you gone outside and return inside, only to feel a burning pain sensation? This pain is not good for your hands and over time it will do damage. But there is a solution. And that solution is buying a pair of battery heated gloves.

So just what are battery heated gloves? They are not your average glove and here is why. They are usually made out of much more durable materials. You will find them made of fleece, Gortex, and other thermo logic materials. They consist of a heating elements sewing in to the fabrics which are powered by a lithium battery. Most heated gloves are better than hand warmers in that they can be set up to temperatures of 110‹F.

Below is a diagram of how some setups look:

battery heated glove liners

3 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can battery heated gloves be washed?

A. Most lines can be washed after the controls are removed. This is also another feature when it comes to washing.

Q. Are the batteries rechargeable?

A. Yes the batteries are rechargeable lithium batteries to ensure they last a long time. You should have the option of using regular D batteries. 1 Day of good heat in the winter should use roughly 2 D batteries.

Q. Are there warranties?

A. It depends on the brand. But most will offer a 1 year warranty against defects only.

What would I use them for?

You would use heated gloves for Hunting, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, and any other outdoor activities where you hands may become cold. There are special lines for different activities so it is best to look around.


This is probably the only down side to battery heated gloves. You can find a pair for under $30 but a good pair will run you from $100-$200. But there are a few things to keep in mind. First, they are washable. Most will come with an inner sock that is removable, and the outer sleeve can be washed. Second, the rechargeable batteries will definitely save you money. Some product lines allow a D sized battery to get 5-6 hours of mild heat. Third, there is no better way to keep your hands from freezing than a pair of heated gloves.

battery heated gloves cords

The best place to buy heated gloves is on Amazon or Auction sites.

If battery heated gloves are too expensive for your budget, it makes a great idea for a Christmas or birthday gift. Once you use them, you will hate leaving home without them!


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