Basic Types Of Miter Saws


A miter saw is nothing but a circular power saw mounting a specialized frame. This machine is used mainly in woody work especially in creating definite groove or cuts maintaining proper angle for special purpose. For using hand miter saws, at first you need to determine the base molding and clearly make a markup line with pencil or something like this. Then the molding side should be kept upward keeping the even side in downward direction for better result and then should continue cutting until end. Auctioning with all miter saws are more or less similar addition with some extra facilities and objectives. However, the miter saws can be categorized into several groups depending upon its function. The classified groups are simply stated below-

Basic type miter saws

As the name is, this type of miter saw is very simple. These miter saws are furnished with very simple models with the ability of cutting 90 degree straight cut. It may also be used to swivel from left to right but limited to 45 degrees. This feature is very much flexible in creating a board surface cut of one angle or across board cutting can also be done up to straight 90 degrees. This miter saw is designed to meet the demand of homeowners. Little home needs can be completed using this simple miter saws.

Compound type miter saw

Compare to basic miter saws, the compound miter saws have some special features which make it somewhat different. The swiveling for the compound miter saw is more or less similar with regular miter sows. Functionally it is different from the usual miter saw, as it needs to move the target wood parts in different directions to make left or right side cut as it can cut only one side. This equipment is highly recommended to them who need miter saw somewhat more than basic type.

Double-compound miter saw

Double compound miter saw is nothing but have the ability to perform the works done by two compound miter saw. It can cut in both direction i.e. left direction and right direction. There is no need to move trim as this saw can cover all directions. This type of miter saw need more time than others need.

However, there are some conditions, which may create some hazardous situations. Most frequently seen potential hazardous state may be as follows-

There is a great opportunity of slipping up the hand of operator from the saw blade. Thus, one should be very careful during handling such equipment.

Numerous and very close cut along with close angle will lead the operator hand towards saw blade raising the possibility of doing something unhappy.  In such case of close cutting, one should take more care and times with great attention for avoid all risk factors.

There are also some additional safety conditions, which should be followed by everybody.  The special safety condition of using miter saws is to maintain sharp blades all times. The hands of the operator have to keep to a fare and safe distance from the saw blade.  We should take protective measure by wearing eye and face protection. Then the use of miter saw will be somewhat safety and highly effective.


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