Bally Slimmer Belt

Review Summary
The Bally Slimmer Belt is a cloth belt made to support the back and abdomen during exercise or throughout your every day routine. The belt is constructed so it can contour your midsection, making it a kind of fitness inspired girdle when worn under your clothing. The material it is made with also makes the Bally Slimmer Belt capable of delivering a sauna experience to your midsection. The belt is designed of cloth that should be comfortable enough to wear during exercise since it is demonstrated on models performing moves like scissor kicks, sit ups, and hip rolls.

The targeted sauna effect of the Bally Slimmer Belt is created when you wear it during exercise. The heat from your body and sweat increase the temperature around your abdomen. The belt wraps around your waist, zippering into place, and holds your midsection in shape so you can enjoy a slimmer look while working out or going about your day. Because advertisement pictures for the Bally Slimmer Belt model it on women only we assume it is designed to fit a woman’s body. This product is meant for use on the midsection only.
Information About Manufacturer
Bally Fitness is well-known for their gyms but they also produce and sell a number of exercise products like the Bally Slimmer Belt. At this time, however, Bally does not sell this particular product directly from their website. There is a sauna belt with details regarding it at the Bally site, though this seems to be a different belt than the Bally Slimmer Belt carried by major retailers. You can find it at a number of retailers, online and in stores, but that means you will deal with a different set of warranties, satisfaction guarantees, and shipping scenarios at each retailer.

Bally fitness equipment is usually low key and made for women. Like the Slimmer Belt, other products from Bally are portable and non mechanical as well as below $50. They are all meant to compliment exercise rather than replace it. Bally does not have FDA clearance for the Bally Slimmer Belt nor does it have 3rd party evidence supporting the claims made about it at this time.
•Does not require batteries or any other power source and is portable
•Can be used exercise for sauna effect or at other times for abdominal and back support
•Easily ordered through various online retailers
•Not cleared by the FDA, does not have 3rd party clinical evidence supporting claims at this time
•Cannot order directly from company and multiple retailers means varying prices and shipping standards
•Does not exercise muscles for you and requires exercise for maximum benefits
•Zipper closure means many customers will not be able to get an exact fit around their waist
Price and Shipping Information
Because several retailers carry the Bally Slimmer Belt its price and shipping information vary from one store to the next. It generally costs between $15 and $20. There are no bonus materials included with this belt. Whether it is covered by a warranty or satisfaction guarantee depends on the retailer as Bally does not cover this product with either.

Shipping costs will also depend on what online store the Bally Slimmer Belt is ordered from. Shipping times will vary on the method selected by you or the retailer, the amount of time it takes to process the order, and your location. This product may be ordered by overseas customers from certain online stores.
The Bally Slimmer Belt is a product made for use in conjunction with an exercise routine. While it may not stimulate your abdominal muscles directly, the belt is designed to increase fat loss, muscle tone, and water loss around your midsection. Because it is modeled on women only it is unclear whether the Bally Slimmer Belt is sized to fit men as well. The fact that one has to order this product from a retailer rather than via the official website directly means encountering varied cost and shipping options depending on the store of choice. Any product you are thinking about adding into your exercise routine should be thoroughly researched before the time of purchase to ensure you are getting what you need.


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