Bally Ab Tightener II Review


This is a cool small abs workout machine and though it has a one year warranty, and proclaims to target the abs and the love handles, still it does not guarantee effective results for the abs. The equipment design is very limited as to the required and supposed ideal motions to target the different muscles of the abdominals.

Anyone who is planning to use this might end exerting much effort to bend the body against its very uncomfortable design by resting the hand to its handles adding much tension to the elbow joints. By pushing the body to bring tension to the abs having only a very fixed and petite rest placed over the legs can even worsen the situation of training the abs. Not only that it might slide off from the legs, it also limits the comfort of doing the crunch by being cautious not to fail the legs supporting the opposite handle. No wonder it is somehow not popular among the abs workout equipment in the market.


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