Balck and Decker JS515 4.5-Amp Variable Speed Jig Saw

You might found that your kids’ need bigger bedstead or your dog be spoiled to you asking for a new house. You can not say no when your children ask you nicely with a smile on their faces to make those things for them. You have your best raw material, but you will also need strong and safe tools for you. You are a carpenter and working on client’s request for making a garden bench made from high quality wood. Of course you have the high quality wood, but do you have something to cut those woods into one beautiful bench?

Black & Decker JS515 4.5-Amp Variable Speed Jig Saw

Black & Decker JS515 4.5-Amp Variable Speed Jig SawList Price$53.50Current Price$32.02Price Disclaimer

The Jig Saw

You need to get ready for your kids’ request. Then you need to prepare the material and also the tools to help you making those kids need. Provide your home with Black and Decker JS515 4.5 Amp. It is a lightweight tools to cut many things, including wood, metal, and plastic. Really all in one jig saw to meet your need. Using motor jigsaw means you need more power than using manual saw. Speaking of power, this motor jigsaw has powerful 4.5 Amp motor, completed with two finger variable speed. Use the speed for what you need and it will reduces fatigue. Equipped with accuracy in cutting due to the improvement of the blade roller support. Using 120 volts of voltage, it is a home friendly use tool.

Black & Decker JS515

Save your energy more with light weight and easy to handle jigsaw with about 4.5 pounds weight      and dimensions of 11.5” length and 8.7” width also with 3.3” height.  Able to producing 0 to 3000 SPM, 11/16 “ stroke. Accepts universal and T-shank blades. This jigsaw comes with package of one wood blade included. You can start your project soon after you order this Black and Decker Jigsaw. With orange color would easier to find at your warehouse.


Use this motor jigsaw for cleaner work, equipped with Sightline Channel improved the visibility when cutting. With dust blower automatically clean debris from your work on progress material, you do not have to blow your project to move aside the debris. It leads to a cleaner work area. Easy to use with 2 blade storage compartment, you just put your extra blade on it. Using magnetic compartment to store extra blade, so you would not lose your saw blade. And also with quick clamp blades leads to an easy way to change its blade with no hassle time.

You would love to cut your material with the tapered front jigsaw to towards the blade, would make you easy to see the line and accurate when cutting. Compatible with some universal blade, including the U-shank and T-shank blades. No screwdriver needed when you changed the blade. Easy to use with light weight and size, those are just what you want from the jigsaw. Completed with sharp and durable blade, also easy to handle hand handle would make you comfortable while working with the Black & Decker JS515.


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