Back to Basics Blender Express in Brushed Chrome


I consider the Back to Basics Blender Express
a hand blender because it is great for single servings and quick clean up.

Don’t expect a blender in this category to take on tougher tasks like blending ice or frozen bananas, but it is great for quickly blending protein drinks, making fruit smoothies and green smoothies.

The function is very similar to the hand blender and clean up should be a snap.

I have never owned this blender, but I have owned the Magic Bullet and feel that they are very similar.  I consider blenders in this category kind of a “gateway blender”.  This could be the small step to working your way up to a professional grade blender.

I think you get a lot of value for the price and function.  Please note I do make a small commission if you decide to purchase through my amazon affiliate links.Back to Basics Blender Express


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