BaByliss 7890U I-Stubble Beard Trimmer


The Babyliss 7890U i-stubble, a state of the art trimmer with an amazing precision (flexible and contouring) head that gives you, quite literally, a very customized shaving experience, what with the fact that the automatic length control system allows you to adjust the length of the blades based on a digital display on the trimmer itself.

    A rechargeable power battery allows you to use the trimmer while plugged in, or solely on battery power, with a promise of consistent performance everyday, however, it first needs to be charged for 16hrs before you use it, for ensuring an optimum performance.

   The i-stubble boasts of 15 different motorized length settings ranging right from 0.4mm to 5.0 mm, all of which can be controlled simply using two buttons and an LCD display screen.The motorized blade system adjusts itself exactly according to your everyday needs, be it for a party or be it office, you can easily get a different look each time! You need not worry about the blades either, what with them being electrochemically sharpened, the durability and sharpness is maintained for a much, much longer time. It is recommended,however, that you start with a longer length setting initially, and then use the lower 0.4mm setting for a real shadow look.

   The perfect width of the i-stubble makes it feel like a magic wand in your hands, following your face cut and taking care of hair growth with equal efficiency, but giving you a grip that’s  much better than a regular razor. The easy grip of the trimmer helps you to hold it firmly and at the same float easily over your skin, giving you a clean and quick shave. Designed to last with a stupifying ergonomic shape, the i-stubble is just what you need in your everyday office life.

   Facial hair grows in different directions, and with a mechanized trimmer, flexibility, and the ease during a shave may sometimes become an issue. However, with the i-stubble, you won’t have a feeling that’s any different from a razor, but at the same time, much smoother and easier. Use it backwards, or use it forwards, use it upwards or use it downwards, the amazing adaptability of the blades gives you the same result every time – fantastically awesome! The precision trimmer allows you take care of facial hair even in the nastiest of spots and the unique flexible head adjusts with the contours of your face, giving you an even, not to forget a smooth, finish each and every time you shave.Later, using the unclipping feature of the blade comb guide, you can take care of any stray hairs left out after you finish.

  A battery powered precision trimmer, with a state of the art LCD display, 15 different modes, easy usage and a fantabulous shaving experience—- you hardly find all of this in a single (breathtakingly perfect) gizmo.

   An amazing piece of technology, the i-stubble definitely proves to be a savior of ‘man’kind.

  Babyliss 7890U i-stubble for men, for the ultimate power packed everyday stubble control.


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