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Avanti Wine Storage Bottle Chillers and Cellar

If you love vino, Avanti wine coolers are for you. Avanti Company has been around for a long time, and their winery products show how well they build and service some of the finest liquid chiller designs on the market today.


The Avanti wine storage coolers for sale come from small units suitable for a few bottles, to larger units capable of holding dozens at a time.

Here are few of the best options consumers have when they shop for an Avanti wine cooler:

Avanti EWC8TV is very popular for many homes and families. This unit can hold up to 8 bottles, with 6 in the prone position and 2 bottles upright. It comes with a handy LCD display as well as interior lighting. Temperature controls are easy to set and manage.

For those needing more space, the Avanti WBV21DZ is a good option. This Avanti Dual Zone wine cooler offers side-by-side doors and be used either as free standing or recessed. On the left, it can hold up to 21 bottles and on the right, up to 54 cans. With some adjustment to the bottles, it can become an Avanti 34 bottle wine cooler.

And for those who truly want an Avanti wine cellar, the WC1500DSS can hold up to 30 bottles easily. This model comes in an attractive design of black on stainless steel. The unit can be installed as free standing or it can be recessed into the wall or other structure.

Benefits – Why Buy Avanti Wine Coolers?

Of the many good things to owning Avanti wine chillers, quality is perhaps at the top of the list. Wine enthusiasts across the globe have given this company high marks on their various products.


Avanti beer and wine cooler

The smaller units are ideal when space is limited. For homes and small bars, these units can be placed virtually anywhere and provide constant temperature control.

While the larger units have a higher storage capacity, they, too, are designed so that they can be placed in small areas. In general, they take up no more space than a standard trash compactor or dishwasher. And all Avanti units are easy to install, often needing no more than to be plugged into a socket.

Many units come with security locks and keys, as well as LED indicators that allow users to monitor the unit with just a glance of the eye.

As mentioned earlier, the number of models that are available ensures that anyone who needs Avanti wine cooler will be able to find the perfect fit.

Repair parts are readily available should service be required.

Disadvantages – Minor Avanti Wine Storage Problems

If there is a downside to owning one of the Avanti units it is that finding a service person to make repairs might be a challenge.

However, it should also be said that repair manuals are available online and anyone qualified to work on refrigerated units should be able to fix your problem, once they have the right repair parts.

When compared to other brands, Avanti wine coolers offer exceptional quality at prices that are very competitive. On average, they offer far more options in terms of size and storage capacity than most competitors.

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