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When it comes to selection and options, the Avanti water cooler dispenser line is certainly impressive.


It is a simple fact that there are dozens of companies now offer these same types of products, yet very few of them have the history and the expertise that comes with every Avanti water dispenser.

With over 38 years of providing superior quality, it is no wonder that Avanti products has developed a wide range of units that encompass so many consumer needs.

Best Avanti Water Cooler Reviews

For starters, the Avanti WD361 Hot & Cold dispenser is an excellent option for anyone who needs versatility and convenience.

avanti countertop water cooler

Its styling is modern and sleek and offers users easy access to controls. Operation of the unit is through push buttons, and the unit comes with a child safety guard to prevent accidental discharge of hot liquid.

If you are looking for an Avanti countertop water cooler the model WD31EC may be just what you need.

This Avanti water dispenser offers consumers easy storage and lightweight construction. It is ideal for use at home or at the office, and runs silently at all times. The unit comes with LED displays and child guard on the hot water faucet. Operation of the unit is through push buttons which are sensitive enough for elderly persons to use with ease.

As for versatility, the Avanti can be supplied with two, three, or five gallon bottles of water. Water bottles are not supplied with the base unit.

Avanti Ice Maker Freezer

At the top of the line is the Avanti WID260P. This is the Avanti ice maker unit and Avanti freezer unit. It can provide ice cubes at the touch of a finger and can also be used to dispense filtered Avanti bottled water.

The Avanti freezers can produce as much as twenty-five pounds of ice per day which is plenty for most homes and mid-sized offices. It can also provide water in three different temperatures: room temperature, cold and hot. Hot is suitable for making instant drinks, such as coffee, tea or chocolate, and is hot enough to also prepare instant soups and foods. It also comes with a child safety guard to protect youngsters from operating the hot valve.

This unit is also capable of providing Avanti bottled water that has been filtered and is much cleaner than what most tap water will be. The savings on this feature alone makes this model well worth looking into as consumers will no longer have to buy expensive bottled water at the store.

Avanti Water Dispenser Prices and Benefits

Avanti Thermoelectric
Cold Water Dispenser

All products within this line are produced to ADA standards and are built from high-quality components.

The Avanti cooler product line has received numerous high marks for both quality and price.

As for price, when compared to other brands, the line is very competitively priced with some units being available for less than $200 for the larger stand alone units, and cost under $100 for the countertop units.

It should be noted, however, that prices are subjective, and consumers would do well to do some comparative shopping before buying.

Some online vendors are offering incredible deals on Avanti water coolers, such as free shipping, and, of course, finding these deals will save you money.


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