Autotrol Water Softener


Autotrol is a product made by GE Water and Process Technologies, suitable for both home and office use this product has a time clock and demand generated system option. While Autotrol water softener model number 255/742 has a valve that offers time clock systems the Autotrol water softener model number 255/760 is based on regeneration on demand.

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Control valves which are the engine of the entire water softening machinery in the case of Autotrol water softeners are excellent performers being sturdy and giving years of service. These machines come with a warranty of five years, so consumers can rest easy.

Autotrol water softeners offer a range of capacities to suit your needs whether at home or in the office. This is one of the reasons they are considered top sellers in their segment.

Autotrol 255/760 is so named because it is fitted with the Autotrol 255 valve and it also includes the 760 logix digital controller. It is also sensor controlled, as regeneration is activated depending on the quantity of water used. The product consists of a kit that includes, valves, resin, a resin tank, brine well, brine tank safety float and bottom and top distribution baskets. The different types of softeners offered with the product vary from 24000 grain to 64000 grain.
The entire package is accompanied by an instruction manual that is easy to understand and use.
Autotrol 255 regeneration is based on a user defined schedule. The product has the Autotrol 255 valve with a time clock that may be either 742 digital times or 740 digital times.

The Autotrol water softener software works has a 28 day cycles, apart from the control valve all other parts are equal to the 255/760 model. The 255 valve of the Autotrol 255/760 model is very popular, making it a coveted product.
It does not harm the reputation of the model that it saves a considerable amount of water and salts. Calcium and Magnesium which are the prime culprits for the hardness of water are dealt with by the resin used in the product. Both calcium and magnesium particles get trapped in the resin beds as they attach themselves to the beads of resin, which then release sodium particles. Upon reaching saturation, the resin beads are treated with brine washes. The magnesium and calcium particles so washed can then be drained out.

The advantage of this water apart from the fact that it is soft on both clothes and skin is that your laundry is whiter; another factor in favor of this product is that it reduces the quantum of detergent used both in the washing machine and in the dishwasher. This ensures a monthly saving on these items.


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