Audiovox Walkie Talkie


Affordability doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. Far from it. With an Audiovox walkie talkie, you can enjoy both style and quality, without paying over the odds for such useful technology. Let’s face it, walkie talkies do have some distinct advantages over other forms of wireless voice communication.

Mobile phones. Personal communication devices. Call them what you will. Mobile technology has come a long way in just a relatively short time, yet we still experience the very same issues we had when mobile phones were first developed – namely the issue of coverage or “reception”, as its commonly known. With an Audiovox walkie talkie, there are no false promises regarding guaranteed coverage. You are informed from the outset, the environments best suited to such products.

True, the range of walkie talkies has been disputed in the past – especially since high-rise buildings, metal-bodied vehicles and even naturally hilly landscapes played a huge part in limiting the range of two-way radios. Improvements in technology, along with an increased number of channels to choose from, has made it possible to use transceivers over longer distances, without the dreaded interference.

The Audiovox GMRS1582CH is classified as a FRS and GMRS two-way radio system, effectively meaning it can be utilized for both domestic and licensed use. In order to take advantage of the GMRS system, you will need the appropriate F.C.C licence. The 1582CH is considered one of the most affordable pairs of Audiovox walkie talkies, yet comes jam-packed with features. First and foremost is the range capability, specified at a maximum of 15 miles.

Secondly is the multi-channel capability (up to 22 channels). The addition of 38 privacy codes per channel equates to 836 different sub-channels for the ultimate in private communication and minimal interference. As with most digital two-way radio systems, the 1582CH comes fully equipped with a backlit, contrasting LCD screen that displays everything from battery-life, to channel-scanning.

Lovers of the traditional analogue walkie talkie will be pleased to know that Audiovox continue to produce these F.R.S models in quantitative supply. Still very much in demand, the Audiovox FR-1002 represents one of the most popular analogue models still on the market. Benefiting from 14-channel capability via internal dip switches, the unit also has a 2-mile range limit.

The FR-1002 is ideal for both domestic and outdoor use, simple enough for even the kids to operate. Housed within a tough grey die-cast body the robust design of the FR-1002 lends it’s versatility to a wide variety of activities. Surprisingly for an analogue, there is an Auto Power-save feature which conserves battery life when either of the units are in standby.

If you feel more inclined toward an F.R.S model, with similar features and capabilities to the GMRS range – look no further than the FR530. Probably the best-looking of the licence-free range, they are also the most affordable. Weighing just under 1lb per handset, the miniature size and curved finish add to the ease of portability.

The addition of a swivel belt clip also allow for attachment to clothing or portable bag. The FR530 has markedly similar specifications to the analogue FR-1002 with a 14-channel capability, and a 2 mile range. The small, backlit square LCD displays everything from channels and volume, to battery power and scanning mode. Auto-scan and VOX are integrated as standard.

At first glance, you may think the FR530 looks similar in design to the mini baby monitors currently on the market, yet this is largely part of the appeal. The traditional analogue walkie talkies were both bulky and heavy, requiring a large battery and one in reserve “just in case”. With it’s rounded corners, miniature antenna and sleek finish – the FR530 is the perfect size to slip into a jacket pocket, backpack or tent pocket without weighing you down.

The diverse Audiovox walkie talkie range caters to every niche requirement, whether it be for outdoor pursuits like climbing and hiking, or domestic/ child use around the home. Basic models such as the FR530 are ideal as toys for the children, as well as a safety device for contacting them if they stray from the garden. GMRS models made by Audiovox are among the most affordable and best quality on the market for all aspects of security, office or outdoor communications.


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