Astoria Espresso Machines


The commercial Astoria espresso machine is very pricey, but many customers believe it’s worth every penny.


From home devices to full-sized industrial machines, E Café Canada’s Astoria line has it all.

Each coffee and espresso machine comes with a host of options: boosted boilers, 4” legs, stainless steel vapor wands, and your choice of brass or copper finish.

Astoria Divina coffee machines can be special ordered with red, rose, or light blue finishes.

Why Buy Astoria Espresso Cappuccino Machines?

When you purchase an Astoria coffee machine, you’re not just purchasing the hardware. Astoria coffee makers come with unparalleled customer support.

E Café Canada offers consultation for coffee shop start-ups, plus in-house staff training and menu development. They also provide technical courses that teach you the ins and outs of their machines.

Astoria machines are built to last. Made from gleaming stainless steel, they provide many years of service with only minimal maintenance.

Of course, if you ever need Astoria espresso machine parts, you can order replacements straight from the manufacturer.

Astoria Single-Serve Coffee Makers Review

While most of the Astoria line lends itself to industrial use, the Astoria Prima is perfect for individual domestic use. This single-serve espresso machine produces rich crema and delicious expresso time and again.

The Prima includes a milk frother for cappuccinos and latte. It is a simple, high-performance machine.

The wall-mounted Astoria Luna is another unit which would be great for home brewing. This small machine is stainless steel, as attractive as it is practical. Customers appreciate the space-saving design and the excellent espresso it makes.

Convenient and Luxurious

Astoria espresso machines are luxury items. Their price is high for a reason; these units are extremely convenient. Many are fully automatic and fully programmable, offering one-push brewing that results in delicious coffee.

And don’t forget the stellar customer service. E Café Canada doesn’t forget about its customers after a sale has been made. The company acts as a teacher for those who want to learn how to press coffee, and advises entrepreneurs who want to open coffee houses of their own.

Finally, the Astoria products are attractive. They come in colors that would match any décor, accented by stainless steel, brass, and copper. The single-serve machines are sleek and don’t take up too much space.

Expensive Taste

Like any fine luxury item, Astoria espresso machines cost a lot. The simplest single-serve dispenser will set you back more than $600. Top-of-the-line industrial machines like the Astoria Sara with touch-panel programming can easily run $14,000 or more.

While complaints are rare, the sheer weight of the price tag puts Astoria espresso makers out of the reach of many would-be owners.

Should You Buy Astoria Espresso Machine?

Make no mistake; these are machines for serious coffee drinkers and business owners. E Café Canada offers coffee makers for home use, but even those models are quite expensive.

If you love fine things and have the ability to afford them, an Astoria coffee machine could be a phenomenal addition to your kitchen. If price is a concern, there are plenty of quality affordable brands to try.

Gloria by Astoria Tradditional Espresso Maker

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