ASICS Men’s Lift Trainer Cross-Trainer



ASICS Men’s Lift Trainer Cross-Trainer is an amazing CrossFit shoe that is suitable for any type of fitness work as well as sports field. For that reason, the users will get many features that will allow them to wear the CrossFit shoe and get a good time with it.  From the design of this CrossFit shoe, you will charm with the two different colors and designs. On the other hand, you are able to use the shoe in any fitness workout like jumping or running as well as for the sports field.

Two Cool Designs with Different Colors

The two different design of the CrossFit shoe will give you a choice to select any of the shoes. On this case, you can get black, silver and red color deigns in both of the shoes. In one shoe, you will get the black, silver and red color combination with a cool design. In this case, the CrossFit shoe is designed with the black color in the front side and red color in the back side. Therefore, this may be a good shoe for your workout and fitness purposes.

Another color combination is white, silver and purple color combination. In this case, you will get the white and silver color in most of the places of the CrossFit shoe. For that reason, this is an ideal shoe for the sports field more than the previous design.

Rubber Sole with Removal Feature

The sole of this CrossFit shoe is made of rubber sole with removal of insole. For that reason, you can remove the insole of the CrossFit shoe whenever you want or whenever you are feeling uncomfortable with them. For that reason, you will have an extra advantage of using this shoe without the insole. On the other hand, the outsole of the shoe is also made of rubber in order to increase the durability of this CrossFit shoe. Therefore, you will get all the features and structure materials that will increase the durability and flexibility.

Synthetic Leathered Fitness Shoe

The CrossFit shoe is made from the synthetic leathered in order increase the durability and flexibility of the fitness shoe. For that reason, the users will always get the upper level of the shoe with mesh and make it synthetic leather. In this case, you will always get the quality leathered shoe that allows using for a long time. On the other hand, the APMA seal of the acceptance will always add comfortable to your feet.

Proper Mid-foot support strap

The mid-foot support strap is a good feature of the CrossFit shoe in order to give your mid feet good support. On the other hand, the same feature will also increase your comfort during walking and running for a long time. In this case, you can be sure of getting a good heel in the middle in order to have no problem during workout. Moreover, both of the designed and colored CrossFit shoes are highly recommended for the volley ball field as well as normal running cases.


  1. 2 Different Colors in Same Design
  2. High Quality Synthetic leathered CrossFit Shoe
  3. Removal Insole with Rubber Sole
  4. Strap Support of Mid-foot


  1. No Heel to Toe Support

ASICS Men’s Lift Trainer Cross-Trainer is a wonderful CrossFit Shoe for you if you are looking for a perfect workout training sessions. On the other hand, you will get a good number of benefits with the support and comfort. For that reason, you should not avoid the ASICS Shoe Brand shoes when you want both comfort and long time in the sports field with good form.


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