ASICS Men’s GEL-Intensity 2 Cross-training Shoe



ASICS Men’s GEL-Intensity 2 Cross-training Shoe is another CrossFit shoe of the ASICS brand that will give you both comfort and good design in any place. For that reason, you can use this CrossFit shoe for a long time with the good quality leathered shoe. Moreover, you will enjoy the time of the workouts and sports field because of the comfortable and high performance shoe. In fact, the design and rubber sole will always give you soft feeling when you are wearing this and running or workouts.

Dual Colored Designs

The design of the two CrossFit shoes is same but the color makes the real differences. In one shoe, you will get the white and silver color body with black and red combination for the design. As a result, the CrossFit shoe looks very stylish and perfect for any type of workout and sports field. In fact, the design and color of bright white color will give you amazing look to your feet in the morning or in the playing group soon.

On the other hand, the other CrossFit shoe is in the black and grey color with the white design. As a result, this is a real shoe that suits you anyplace specially in the hilly place. The color or the shoe may not give you good look because of the grey color but give you a good comfort to your feet.

Durability Rubber Sole

There is no one that who does not know about the durability of the rubber sole of any CrossFit shoe. Specially, the rubber sole in the outer and inner part will always give soft and comfortable feeling to your feet. For that reason, you will always get the long time CrossFit shoe from the brand especially from this model. The rubber sole will always give your feet softness feeling in order to avoid any type of feet injury.

Top Class Synthetic Leathered Shoe

The synthetic leather of this CrossFit shoe will easily gives you the impression and quality of the shoe. In fact, you can easily choose the shoe without watching it because of the quality leather of this. On the other hand, the heel of the shoe will allow your feet to protect from any type of risks during the workout time. For that reason, you will never have the best quality sole with the solid surface of the shoe.

Suitable For Men

This CrossFit shoe is perfectly designed for the male members but not for the female members. For that reason, the female members are going to deprive of the CrossFit shoe because of the good quality. Therefore, if you are a male, you should not avoid the model of the CrossFit shoe because of getting good and comfortable feeling.

Light Weighted with High Performing CrossFit Shoe

The weight of this CrossFit shoe is relatively low that is only 12.2 ounces for the users. For that reason, the men are going to have good feeling with this faster running shoe in the feet. Moreover, the performance level in the playing ground as well as in the workout gyms is great according to the brand.


  1. Dual Colorful Designs
  2. Perfect Heel to Protect Toe
  3. Synthetic Leather & Rubber Sole
  4. Perfect for Workout & Play Ground


  1. Not Available for Female

This CrossFit shoe is a good model from the brand that provides good performance and speed up your running. Specially, the protective heel to toe feature of the shoes will give you good service with flexibility to your feet. For that reason, the brand shoes should not be avoided when you are looking for any new and good quality CrossFit shoes.


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