Ashton Ashton SL29/12CEQ Acoustic Guitar


The Ashton S129 is a 12 string electro acoustic guitar that is suitable for everybody to play. Its slim mahogany neck makes this guitar easy to play, and with the Prener SPII 4 band EQ it produces a perfectly toned sound which seems to be greatly amplified,  making it look and sounds like a million bucks, but without really costing it. It gives you a temperate, clear and pleasant sound when the under saddle cable pickup is plugged in, and with the versatility of the 4 band EQ, it can create a variety of warm tones.  The simple built-in tuner allows you to tune each of the 12 strings easily and quickly. This Ashton Electro Acoustic Guitar sounds incredibly fine with or without the amplifier.

The 12 string guitar has long been an instrument that is usually reserved for a particular kind of player, but Ashton SL29/12CEQ opens the way for any player to be able to play a 12 string guitar. It is a good and perfect size to all as it is very light and making it also easy to transport. And what makes this guitar excellent is it is really easy to play which is not a feature of most 12 string guitar.


  • Ashton S129  12 String Guitar

The Ashton S129/12 ceqtsb is a 12 stringed guitar that is easy to use and easy to transport, and the slim mahogany neck makes it easy to play. The guitar is brown in color and the striking flame maple finish makes this guitar looks expensive and grand. This guitar is very light weighing just 3.1kg, and it’s easy to carry too.

  • Prener SPII 4 Band EQ

This feature of the guitar is perfect for playing with an amplifier. It produces great amplified sound and creates a variety of warm tones.

  • Built-in Tuner

The built-in tuner makes tuning quick and simple, and also and easy and clear way of tuning each of the twelve strings. The electric tuner appears to hold the tuning very well.


  • Item weight                 3.1 kg
  • Color                            Brown
  • String Gauge               Medium
  • String material            Steel
  • Number of Strings       12
  • Material Type             Maple
  • Product Dimensions    105 x 46.5 x 13.5                    


The SL129/129 CEQTSB is a slim line bodied guitar that makes it easy to transport and easy to use. It looks so nice and attractive and it produces a very good and pleasant sound with or without the amplifier. It has also a built in electric tuner that provides easy tuning; you don’t have to expend hours trying to get it in tune. The electric tuner creates an easy tuning and it seems to hold its tuning fairly well.

This electro acoustic guitar has a spectacular Flame Maple finish, slim mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard that makes it a perfect introduction of a 12 string guitar. It is very easy to play which is not a feature of most low-priced 12 string guitar and it’s the same size as a normal guitar but very light. The fret board is only somewhat larger than a 6 string and the action is commendably low. This guitar also comes with a warranty card.


  • Very easy to play
  • The slim body and its being light weight makes this guitar easy to carry
  • Produces  a very good and pleasant sound with or without amplifier
  • The built in tuner makes tuning simple and fast
  • Great  for rhythm and lead
  • Great guitar with or without amplifier


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