Ascaso Dream Espresso Coffee Machines Reviews


Professional Ascaso Dream Espresso Machine Reviews

The commercial Ascaso coffee machines are one of the most exemplary espresso machines available in the market.


These kitchen appliances show a balanced fusion of state of the art technology and decorative styles. Available in both extended top quality and professional range, Ascaso espresso machines host all the ergonomic features for the most benefits of the end user.

Despite the fact that the machines are quite expensive to repair, customers do not hesitate to buy these high performing decorative beverage machines for their kitchen.

Ascaso Factory started back in 1962 in Barcelona. Presently, Ascaso has three divisions, Maquinas Café being one of them. The company also manufactures a number of versatile Ascaso coffee grinder machines.

Special Features of Ascaso Coffee Machines

Ascaso Steel Duo Prof Tronic Espresso Shot demo

  • With the aim to deliver barista quality coffee, the boilers are made from high quality brass for uniform distribution of heat for maintenance of consistent temperature and better extraction of the coffee beans flavor.
  • The top quality brass material allows the machine to reach the desired temperature very fast. The brass also has a high and quick resetting capacity.
  • The dual thermostats of the coffee machines work to control the temperature level for the coffee.
  • The Thermofuse prevents the machine from getting overheated, accidentally.
  • The machines are equipped with a resistance outside the boiler to avoid it from getting damaged due to lack of water.
  • The Thermoblock is available in both aluminum and brass options. It is available on the fixed arms for excellent extraction of Pods and easy usage. The Thermoblock further supports unlimited steam production.
  • The 16 bar water pump is specially designed to distribute water on the coffee at an appropriate pressure for maximum extraction of flavor, aroma and taste.
  • All machines are incorporated with stainless steel filter baskets and chrome brass portafilters.
  • The filters are set with Supercream option that takes out an extra-creamy extraction. This filter is specially pressurized for the preparation of a thick buttery coffee, irrespective of the grinding degree and the mixture.
  • Every standard Ascaso coffee machine has a unique steam pipe for easy and quick preparation of lattes and creamy cappuccinos.
  • An average Ascaso water tank is of a capacity of 1.3 liters. It is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. Being transparent, users can visualize the amount of water as needed for the coffee.
  • The roof of the machines keeps the cups warm so that the coffee can be served steaming hot, even after minutes of pouring.
  • The tray is made of stainless steel and is removable. The grille is designed in a way to enable easy cleaning and handling.
  • Some of the units are outfitted with an Autostop feature for automatic stop of the flowmeter while filling large and small coffee.

Ascaso Dream Espresso Shot video demonstration


  1. Great design that add to the beauty of the kitchen
  2. Makes fast and delicious coffee at the minimum hassle
  3. Transparent water tank for convenient brewing of coffee
  4. Removable steel tray for easy cleaning
  5. High material parts for better performance and durability


  1. Users have complained about the machines of showing water leaks
  2. The machines sometimes deliver black, bitter shots
  3. Steam tube gets blocked due to poor maintenance

Recommended Ascaso Espresso Machines Best Buy


The Ascaso Dream espresso machine is perhaps the best performing and highly featured of all the Ascaso espresso appliances. Apart from being outfitted with the basic features like a high quality brass boiler, 16 bar pump, 1.3 liters transparent water tank, cup warmers and removable, easy to clean tray, the unit is additionally equipped with a steel thermometer for visible temperature level. It has three external metallic switches that work in relief.

Other popular Ascaso brewing machines are Dream Espresso 116108, Ascaso DR18, DR19, Elipse, Arc and Arc Fun.

Ascaso also offers business class coffee machines and a range of Ascaso grinder. The coffee grinders are fitted with powerful blades and versatile grinding features for grinding coffee beans.

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