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Nowadays, the line “as seen on tv” is often used as a catchphrase to hook buyers in and convince them to purchase a certain product. The phrase doesn’t even really mean anything, but once people hear the magic words “as seen on tv”, they automatically make assumptions about the product’s effectiveness even without having seen the results. In the case of trendy new merchandise Style Snaps, this much touted label is slapped on it as well.

However, we all know that there are times when the tv ad seems too good to be true. We also know that Style Snaps really does have a lot of ads not only on television but also on various media outlets such as beauty magazines and fashion websites. The question now is, do we believe the ads or not?

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Do the ads lie?

For a brief background, Style Snaps as seen on TV is the new fashion device that you attach to the end of a long hem that you want to shorten. Rather than glue the hem back, send it to the tailors, or use any other permanent device, the product offers a simple and temporary way to reduce the length of any fabric. You simply fasten it, fold the hem, and clip the adhesive to pin it in place. For a more detailed look at the pros and cons of this product, take a look at this unbiased Style Snaps review.

The product has had much exposure. In fact, there are over a dozen magazines that have it featured. Some websites are displaying it every so often. And of course, it has its usual tv ad that is running frequently. In case you missed the ad, here it is:

The verdict?

The ad has some pretty convincing words, and the host makes it feel like the product is the next best thing since sliced bread. But how many times have we bought a product because it looks so convincing on television, but months later come to regret our purchase? Although we should be wary of merchandise that are sugar coated, including the “as seen on tv: Style Snaps”, there are in fact legit products out there that do offer the value they claim to have. And we for one believe that  while definitely not perfect, does have the solid performance to back it up.

Numerous women have thanked the developers for creating such a simple solution to shorten pant legs and lapels, and moms have also used the product to adjust the length of hand-me-downs to fit the appropriate size of their kids. Some complaints mention that the strength of the adhesive cannot hold more bulky clothes such as heavy jackets or jeans, but the overall performance has been excellent.

We can’t judge a book by its cover. And now we also know that we can’t really judge a product based on its ad alone. It’s the results that really matter.

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