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Best Ariston Tankless Electric Hot Water Heaters

It’s essential to ensure a reliable hot water supply for your home, and an Ariston water heater – a product originated from the UK manufacturer, can help.


Imagine enjoying an early morning hot shower when suddenly a blast of cold water hits you in the face because your boiler ran out of hot water. This is an all too common scenario, but it can be avoided by eliminating the source of the problem – a traditional water heater that stores water in a tank to heat.

Ariston tankless water heaters are great alternatives to traditional storage tank units. Ariston hot water heaters are cost-effective and energy-efficient as the unit heats water as needed, eliminating the need to store it in a tank. By turning on your faucet or showerhead it triggers the Ariston electric heater water exchanger that heats the water quickly at your preferred temperature.

There are models that are point-of-use units that can only handle one to two fixtures. There are models that can handle the whole house’s needs. Both types are wall-mounted, saving you a lot of floor area.

Pros and Cons of Ariston Water Heaters

In the United States, a $300 federal tax rebate is offered for consumers who use tankless heaters. You can save as much as 20 percent from your heating bill according to Energy Star. You will never run out of hot water as it is heated as it flows from the pipe into the unit then to the faucet. Tankless heaters last longer than storage tank units. Greenhouse gases are not produced by electric heaters and there’s none of the hassles of a ruptured storage tank.

However, a tankless heater is more expensive than a traditional one. There is certainly an unlimited supply of hot water, but you must take into consideration that the volume from an Ariston water heater is divided into all the connected fixtures. Some models require additional stainless steel tubing for vents so it’s best to choose an Ariston unvented water heater for either single or multiple installations. Gas-powered units emit greenhouse gases and need annual servicing for maintenance. It’s also more expensive to install a tankless heater.

Choosing Ariston Hot Water Heaters

Ariston hot water heaters are widely used in both temperate and tropical countries as the brand is highly trusted. There are plenty of Ariston water distributors the world over that sourcing for Ariston water heater parts will not be a problem.

Choosing a heater depends on the household size, the allotted space and your budget. It used to be that consideration made for hot water provision somehow limits a house’s or office’s design. Not anymore, because Ariston appliances include a whole range of heaters to fit any tankless hot water requirements with a capacity of 5 to 30 litres. With this Ariston electric heater water is supplied to one or more sinks.

Best Ariston Water Heater Reviews

There are three types of Ariston hot water heaters on the market: Piccolo, Eureka and Europrisma. You can connect any of these models directly from the cold water main if you prefer a pressurized supply. If your cold water supply comes from a storage tank, the Piccolo and Eureka models are ideal for a gravity-fed system.


Ariston Europrisma line of heaters is composed of under the sink and over the sink water heaters with a capacity of 10, 15 and 30 litres. All models are fitted with a thick steel-plated tank fitted with an eco-friendly thermal insulation to be cost-effective and energy-efficient.

This Ariston water heater has an external temperature control, heating indicator light, front access for easy maintenance and servicing, and is suitable for multipoint hot water outlets. It comes with a three-year guarantee.


Ariston Piccolo is a single-point open outlet electrical water heater. This unit is suitable for both gravity-fed and main water line. Made from corrosion-proof plastic, the unit is recyclable and environmental friendly.

Like the Europrisma, it has external temperature control, an illuminated power switch, a light indicator for heating and a directional spout for the hot water output. Guarantee on its 5-litre tank is 10 years and a year’s guarantee on electrical components.


Ariston Eureka is another open outlet electric storage Ariston water heater. It has almost the same specifications as the Piccolo but its shape is more interesting.

Its tank has a larger capacity of 13 litres. The tank has a 10-year guarantee and a one-year guarantee on electrical parts.

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