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“It gets cold here in Vermont, and even though I wrapped my pipes in insulation, I got cold water at my bathroom faucet for about a minute before the water even began to get warm. I lived with this for several winters, but then finally I’d had enough. A few days ago I purchased a little Ariston water heater, and I am thrilled. I get hot water in one to two seconds, max.”

“Before I installed my Ariston GL4 water heater under my kitchen sink, I had to run 2 gallons of cold water down the drain several times a day before I could get any hot water. Now I get hot water instantly.”

These two customer reviews describe a common problem, caused by long pipe runs, that can easily be solved by installing a point-of-use water heater like one of the Ariston models.

These instant hot water heaters can be used as stand-alone units that provide hot water to fixtures far away from your main hot water source. They can also be used to augment you main water supply, by being connected in-line with your whole house water heater.

A Bosch Ariston water heater is a small compact, electric mini-tank water heater, that is usually mounted under a bathroom or kitchen sink. There are three Ariston water heater models with 2.5, 4 and 6 gallon tank capacities. The 2.5 gallon model will serve one bathroom sink, and provides sufficient water for a shave, a hand wash and face wash. The 4 gallon model will serve two bathroom sinks or a kitchen sink, where it will provide enough hot water to wash and rinse the equivalent of a dishwasher load of dishes. The 6 gallon unit, actually has a 7 gallon capacity, and it will serve up to three bathroom sinks.  

Each mini-tank unit consists of an aesthetic Italian designed plastic outer housing, which contains a steel water heating tank. In the standard models the tank has a corrosion-resistant glass lining.  In the more recently developed Pro-Ti models, the tank is coated with a highly resistant titanium-enamel lining that also prevents the breeding of micro-organisms. These tanks have a life expectancy of at least 20 years. As a further protection against corrosion the tank contains a sacrificial magnesium anode rod.

In case of malfunction, all Ariston water heater models incorporate two safety devices, a temperature-pressure relief valve, and a thermal cut-off device.

To prevent standby heat losses through the tank wall, the tank is so effectively insulated that the unit doesn’t even feel warm to the touch at the highest temperature setting. These instant hot water heaters have an efficiency of 95%.

The water temperature can be adjusted between 65 degree Fahrenheit and 145 degree Fahrenheit. In consumer reviews the only consistent criticism of these point-of use water heater models, is the hard to access temperature adjustment control.

Ariston water heaters are very easy to install, especially the 2.5 and 4 gallon models, which can simply be plugged into a standard electric outlet. The 6 gallon model must be hardwired. All units have a current draw of less than 15 amps.

After installation it is advisable to provide a pan to collect any discharge from the temperature-pressure relief valve. Before turning on the Ariston water heater make sure that all of the air has been displaced from the tank, and the tank is full of water.

Bosch offers an 8 year warranty on the titanium-porcelain-lined tanks, and 6 years on the glass-lined tanks. There is a 1 year warranty on all other parts.

The standard models range in price from about $150 to $200. The Pro-Ti models sell for about $170 to $250.


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