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Ariston Gas Boilers, Condensing Combi & microGENUS Comparison


The introduction of the Ariston boiler has meant these heating devices need not be confined in the basement or attic today.

Gone are the days when gas boilers were monstrosities that were hidden in obscure cupboards and dark corners of cellars that enable us to take hot showers and even heat up our homes. With 70 years of evolution Ariston gas boilers have come a long way.

What makes Ariston’s boilers unique is the fact that they are wall-hung. The designs are compact yet efficient and are 100 percent reliable. Each product passes through strict quality control that ensures maximum comfort to the end users.

Ariston Gas Boilers Vs. Condensing Ariston Boiler Comparison


There are three general types of boilers:

  1. Conventional Boilers are used if you have a gravity heating system. The water tank is probably situated in the attic or loft. Traditional boilers make use of a tank and a hot water cylinder where stored water is heated up before you use it.
  2. Condensing Boilers are very efficient but are pricier than a conventional gas boiler. An Ariston condensing boiler wastes very little heat because it extracts more heat from the steam produced by the water’s initial heating. This is possible because of an additional heat exchanger.
  3. Combination Boilers are often called combi boilers and Ariston combination boilers are best suited for small homes since the water is heated as it’s used, eliminating the need to store water.

Ariston boiler products present utmost comfort and are designed to be reliable and durable space savers. Ariston condensing combi boilers are eco- friendly as they are energy efficient since they use minimal fuel when operating.

The Ariston Euro Combi boiler is the perfect model for a home with a high demand for hot water. Unlike conventional models, it produces hot water instantly without the need to wait for the water tank to be refilled and reheated. This convenience can be especially felt in the morning when a household is getting ready to go to work or to school.

Benefits of the Ariston Condensing Boiler

An Ariston CLAS 18 System Condensing Boiler has an energy rating of SEDBUK Band A (Seasonal Efficiency of a Domestic Boiler in the UK). This rating makes these Ariston boilers some of the top of their line. Its SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) Efficiency rating is 90.4 percent, which makes this product very environmentally friendly. It features auto functions like an auto-diagnostic system, built-in automatic bypass and built-in mechanical clock. Ariston Clas 30 System Condensing Boiler is a bigger version of Clas 18 model.

Ariston Combi Boiler Review

There are three models for consumers in the Ariston combi boiler series: E-COMBI; Clas HE COMBI and GENUS HE COMBI.


E-COMBI models are easy to install. They are highly efficient and economical to use, are elegantly designed with a diagnostic LED interface that is multi-functional. This Ariston boiler line has three models: E-COMBI 24 FF, E-COMBI 30 FF and E-COMBI 38FF and have the following descriptions:

  • high rate hot water flow
  • SEDBUK Band A rating
  • Auto-diagnostic system
  • Anti-frost and scale device
  • LED display
  • Built-in auto bypass
  • Built-in clock
  • Inclusive of connection kit and filling loop
  • 2 -year guarantee

The CLAS HE Boiler was designed for easy installation. It features a simple connection kit including a filling loop. It has a clip-on connection kit cover for a hassle-free installation. It is possible to pre-install and test the unit’s heating system before the final installation. It is also possible to run the pipes behind the boiler by choosing the rear piping chassis.

The unit can also be set in various locations by way of the plume management kit. All Ariston boilers can run on NG and LPG, don’t have toxic emissions and operate quietly, while many are backed by five-year guarantees. Models include:

  • Ariston CLAS HE 24 FF Condensing Combi Gas Boiler
  • Ariston CLAS HE 30 FF Condensing Combi Gas Boiler
  • Ariston CLAS HE 38 FF Condensing Combi Gas Boiler

The Ariston microGENUS and Next Generation Boilers

The Ariston GENUS HE Condensing Combi Gas heater is the next generation Ariston microGENUS boiler. Where GENUS HE is SEDBUNK Band A, the Ariston microGENUS line is SEDBUNK Band B.

The models under the GENUS HE are: GENUS HE 24 FF; GENUS HE 30 FF and GENUS HE 38 FF. The functions are almost the same as the E-COMBI and CLAS HE units, but this line has added features and can be accessorized with a wireless remote control, making this a great choice for an Ariston boiler.

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